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2478New OOIOO Song Live

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  • Dan Clark
    Jul 1, 2006
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      Here's the entire song:

      Another of the new songs they did was from a comp that has been
      released I think the song was called "Love Kika", I have it on disc
      but I'm not sure cause its not in my Itunes. There is also another
      comp song since KIla Kila Kila that exists, that's not on any album
      so I might have them mixed up. To bad that guy who did the side
      projects site doesn't anymore.

      I'm glad that the US version is coming out so soon after the Jap one,
      hope that means they'll tour the US for it soon!!

      Also, does the Grow Sound Tree Video online at the Thrill Jockey site
      work for anyone, it hasn't worked for me in a while, I was gonna copy
      it off there and put it on YouTube but it doesn't play.

      Please share the NY gig!!!

      Setlist for 11-6-04 (Can anyone translate the first song title?)

      or if that doesn't work start here


      Also I made a Boredom & Family playlist, found lots of new stuff, its
      take forever to get it all on my ipod, FUCK. Still no "Grow Sound
      Tree" or "Azosan" which should be up its on that greatest hits cd
      right? I have it on video from a Jap TV show.


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