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2441Re: Bore Tour

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  • Tim
    Jun 2, 2006
      I was there too, havent seen any reviews anywhere, I thought it was
      brillant too, its sixth time i have seen then since they played the
      Garage way back when and fourth time seeing this three drummer
      lineup, more variation than the last few times.
      Anyone out there record it?
      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "Andy Spragg" <brokenloop@...>
      > Hmm, am I the only person who went to the Sheperds Bush gig? Where
      are the
      > enfatic hand waving reviews, the triumphant smiling testimonys to
      what a
      > grand old evening it was? I appreciate a lot of folk couldn't go
      > (distance/cash/stupid ticket providers deciding to keep their
      tickets) but
      > surely someone else went? It was brilliant, three songs, three
      drummers, a
      > brief rendition of acid police before the encore...
      > Maybe Im jumping in the gun, but I enjoyed it. Would be interested
      to know
      > what others thought...
      > Andy
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