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  • djanjankyo
    Dec 18, 2001
      I thought i would write since it doesnt seem that
      anyone else has seen the recent shows. I had the
      pleasure of seeing the different form of the boredoms
      called the VOORDOMS at fuji rock where they used about 6
      drummers and eye has the space cadet. that was truly
      amazing but the recent show as the VOORDOMS at the big
      dance space called the liquid room here in tokyo was
      mouth watering. only four members, two drummers i dont
      know and eye and yoshimi. they played in a stage in
      the middle of the hall enclosed in a glass case. they
      faced each other and were preceded by cool dj work by
      eye and another dj i cant remember now. i went for a
      full hour if not more. it definitely felt long. this
      is definitely the next step as they played again
      with the same type of complexity that they
      demonstrated on SUPER AE, not the straightness of VISION
      CREATION. at times eye guided them by hand and each soloed
      together and separately. they built up and became subtle.
      they did everything with both eye and yoshimi not
      singing til around the end. also despite the largeness of
      the room it was sold out.
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