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2316Re: [the boredoms] Boredoms in Chicago

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  • gygax
    Mar 20, 2006
      Yamamoto has not made any mention of any Boredoms
      reunion dates on his schedule:


      I'm skeptical, simply because I've talked to Yamamoto
      about his departure from the Boredoms. Barry
      Hogan/The Foundation routinely books v00redoms for ATP
      and related events under the name Boredoms, which is
      not what that lineup calls itself in Japan

      Prove me wrong though, I'd like to see that lineup

      --- blastercaps <blastercaps@...> wrote:

      > In case you haven't already heard (and I'm sure you
      > have but bear with
      > me for those that haven't) we've got the Boredoms
      > proper to play the
      > Intonation Fest, as in ALL the original members and
      > blasting through
      > songs off the OLDER albums! Tickets are going super
      > fast, help spread
      > the word!
      > http://www.intonationmusicfest.com/
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