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2249Re: [the boredoms] Re: Suprer Roots 7 (& 8)?

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  • steve matis
    Jan 23, 2006
      SR7 is probably the best overall one.

      SR1 is like a dinky single. SR2 is only valuable to collectors. SR3 is probably my favorite one (krautpunk anyone?). SR5 is just really really loud, although i enjoy that one as well. SR6 has some really awesome moments, but its really uneven. SR7 is like pure energy to me. you put that one on and go bike riding, you can outpedal a ferrrari. SR8 is probably the most pointless one actually, even though i really like the yann tomita remix a lot. it's the only one that just really doesn't feel like a boredoms release at all.

      radiationsmiles <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote: hey man the second song on super roots 7 is amazing


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