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2237Re: [the boredoms] Re: Suprer Roots 7 (& 8)?

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  • steve matis
    Jan 22, 2006
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      > As my last reply considered, is the seller price > gouging if he paid
      > an already gouged price for the item?

      YES he is price gouging by asking for such a high price. it is irrelevant to everyone involved except himself as to how much he paid for it; its how much he is ASKING for that determines the rate of gouging.

      it shouldn't matter whether you find nice sellers or asshole sellers, it the whole over all mentality that one person can ask for such a high price initailly that bothered me so much. like i said, its totally different if the people who want the thing want to spend that much on something. it's their money, they can spend it however they want.

      when i sold my boredoms VCN boxset, i sold it with no reserve and started the opening bid at $5.00! if somehow, the final price would have only gotten to like $20 bucks, i woudl have sucked it up and sold the greatest deal to someone else at my own loss. but thats only because i am an honest and idealistic person. (also, i realize that this is an uphill swim for me)

      > If he's going to be forced to pay top dollar for > an item
      > he wants, is it so wrong to charge top dollar for > an item he's
      > selling?

      YES. it is wrong. you can let the person who is intersted in buying the thing determine how much they want to pay for it. thats the RIGHT THING to do. jesus, i feel like i am some kind of communist, but what the hell happened to just doing the right thing for the people's sake? if a collector wants to pay that much, i'm not stopping them, but i am going to be pissed at the seller, especially the seller that ONLY buys rare things because they want to sell them back for higher prices to people. that's just a wrong way to make money. that's dishonest.

      > Today, however, thanks to the Intarweb, you can
      > essentially hear any piece of music you want at
      > zero cost. So, for someone so concerned with the > music, and who's a "real fan," it seems a bit
      > contradictory to blast another user based
      > on your materialistic wants.

      my materialistic wants? huh? i am angry at a seller for gouging. i don't want anything besides having the chance to point out the fact that asking for $52 for superroots 7 IS ACTUALLY price gouging.

      > It sucks, but the music can still be heard
      > relatively easily so....yeah.
      > The end.

      yeah, well, i'm not going to argue with that...


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