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2167Re: [the boredoms] RIP China Nishimura & DMBQ & Seiichi Yamamoto Band

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  • gygax
    Nov 10, 2005
      Actually, China was Yamamoto's wife.

      --- Dan Clark <danclarkgraphics@...> wrote:

      > This is a general e-mail to all people that I know
      > who have some kind
      > of connection to DMBQ or specifially Mana 'China'
      > Nishiura, who had a
      > terrible car accident on the weekend on the freeway
      > near New York. As
      > far as we know, 3 of the 4 members of DBMQ and their
      > tour manager are
      > in critical condition somewhere in New York state.
      > Unfortunately and very sadly, Mana didn't survive
      > the accident. As
      > most of us know, Mana was in many bands including
      > Rashinban with her
      > boyfriend Seiichi Yamamoto and for a time Shonen
      > Knife, which is
      > where most of my contacts in the US and Canada met
      > her first.
      > I just want to make sure that everyone knows about
      > the tragedy. Also,
      > Robin and I though it might be good to have a list
      > of e-mail
      > addresses for people wanting updates or information
      > that comes our
      > way. We don't know much at the moment, but hope to
      > piece together
      > what we can. It is the very least we can do under
      > the circumstances.
      > Please let me know directly if you wish to be off of
      > this list and
      > send me more names/e-mail addresses if you know of
      > others I can add
      > to it.
      > MOST IMPORTANTLY, it seems they didn't have
      > insurance to cover them
      > in such an emergency. This means that their hospital
      > bills may be
      > very high if this turns out to be true.
      > I know Robin was finding threads on the internet
      > about local bands
      > playing benefits for them as well as a Paypal
      > website for donations
      > to help out their families. I hope Robin will be
      > able to update on
      > this when he gets the information together.
      > Once again, please let me know if you want off this
      > list. It is not
      > meant to harass anyone, just to inform interested
      > people about what
      > is happening.
      > thank you kindly
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