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2097Re: [the boredoms] Ruins in July!!!!!!!(and a request for Osaka Ra....)

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  • Bryan Reynolds
    Jul 3, 2005
      i'll be attending the show in NYC at the Stone.
      sounds like it'll be a really great one.

      surrealeye_2001 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      We get off topic here sometimes so I hope no one minds me posting this

      Just happened to gander at Yoshida's site and saw this tour
      info.Cool.I'm definitely going to try and see this.Last time Ruins
      came to my area was probably 7 years or more ago.

      Strange thing is,Yoshida is asking for a bassist for the U.S. tour.I
      wonder if Hisashi is gone or was otherwise unable to tour????I would
      thik Ruins is fairly complex stuff just for some bassist to pick up on
      the fly for a quick tour.......

      **Also,anyone want to burn me a copy of Omoide Hatoba's Osaka Ra?I'll
      burn something in return.

      RUINS alone bassist wanted tour in USA .
      15th. July New York
      20:00 with shanir blumenkranz, 22:00 with Jesse Krakow THE STONE
      17th. July Philadelphia
      The Avant Gentleman's Lodge with Evan Lipson
      powerlunchsite.tripod.com _
      18th. July Baltimore
      with Jake Amaral,Jason Willet RED ROOM
      19th. July Detroit
      with Mahlon Orrin (The PB Army) MAGIC STICK
      20th. July Toredo
      with Mahlon Orrin (The PB Army) UNDERGROUND
      21th. July Minneapolis
      The Avant Gentleman's Lodge with Evan Lipson Triple Rock Social Club
      22th. July Chicago BOTTOM LOUNGE
      23th. July Los Angeles
      with Collyn McCoy (Pray To The Robots) KNTTING FACTORY
      24th. July San Fransisco
      with davin Hoff, Edward Rodoriguez III HEMLOCK TEVERN
      25th. July Seattle CHOP SUEY


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