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  • alterego100usa
    May 11, 2005
      I don't like to define rules, but I deleted a posting that offered
      items for sale with prices listed. My definition of "spam", always
      prohibited here, includes any unsolicited attempts at selling products.
      While the items in the deleted posting were definitely relevant to the
      group, advertising products for sale on a Yahoo! group isn't allowed by
      Yahoo!, nor would I prefer to see the group looking like a flea market.
      However, if individuals just list the items available (of relevance to
      the group) and encourage interested parties to contact them for more
      information, that's fine--but identifying items with prices is, and
      always has been, something that the seller should post in an
      appropriate location away from the group. This would also apply to
      bands selling their CDs; you can plug the CD all you want (if it's
      relevant), post a link or whatever, but please don't include pricing or
      ordering info on your posting in the group. It's an easily-avoided
      difference, and you can convey the info you want without being literal.
      If that person would like to repost the list of items (minus any kind
      of specific pricing), feel free. Thanks.
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