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  • Joshua
    Mar 31, 2005


      Friday April 1st @ CLUB EXIT

      ::: Panache Magazine party :::

      :::: DMBQ (from Japan)
      :::::: PANTHERS
      :::::::: TITAN

      :: special guests SHELLSHAG

      :: NEW TAAFE party btwn bands & till late late - !!! aka CHK CHK CHK

      :: projection art by MIGHTY ROBOT AV SQUAD & VIDUNO

      [ CLUB EXIT ]
      147 Greenpoint Ave @ Manhattan Ave | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
      G train or B61/B43 to Greenpoint Ave | 18+ | 8PM | $10 | 718.349.6969

      EAT RECORDS-> 124 Meserole Ave @ Leonard St in Greenpoint, BKYLN
      call 718.389.8083 for ticket info

      two man drums and bass guitar maddening explosion, churning rubber
      mallets of drum lines pounding out catchy staccato beats @ 5x speed,
      alongside rising and falling crazy nood-ly bass. Prog and metal and
      some sort of twisted new cranked up jazz - in costume, in the dark,
      the floor. Think Slayer with the Boredoms plus cronk addled freejazz.
      Several records out on Load Records out of Providence, RI.
      – MP3 –> http://www.loadrecords.com/sound/LightningBolt.mp3
      – MP3 –> http://www.loadrecords.com/sound/sample.mp3
      – PRESS –> http://www.citypages.com/databank/24/1164/article11152.asp

      [ PANTHERS ]
      Brooklyn quintet pounding out "angular rock songs characterized by
      strung-out guitars, panicky percussion, and tribal bass." - "Panthers
      they offer a ferocious brand of slobbery but tight punk, along with
      plenty of (sometimes) tongue-in-cheek academic references. Panthers'
      combined humor and aggression might make you think The Jesus Lizard,
      and there's truth to that, there is, but their brainy polemicizing
      controlled angular assault aligns them most closely to the DC
      political punks of the late '80s and early '90s, i.e. Nation of
      Ulysses and Fugazi." - Epitonic . Members of Orchid, Turing Machine,
      and the Red Scare. Records out on Vice and Dim Mak.
      – PRESS –> http://www.popmatters.com/music/reviews/p/panthers-
      – BIO / MP3 –> http://www.epitonic.com/artists/panthers.html

      [ DMBQ ]
      "No discussion of Tokyo underground scene would be complete without
      mentioning DMBQ. They are the missing link between the much-divided
      Japanese Noise/Alternative music and garage rock scene. Their Hard
      Rock/Psychedelic-based music, infused with elements of Noise and Free
      Improvisation, still unleashes an unstoppable power to embrace the
      whole spectrum of underground music. DMBQ was formed around 1988 in
      Sapporo. By 1990, the band relocated to Tokyo and engaged in
      activities, with Guitar Wolf, Boredoms and their family, Buffalo
      Daughter, Merzbow, and Violent Onsen Geisha,etc… Their sound, which
      was a complete deviation from the trend at the time, stood out in the
      local music scene and the band began to garner respect, especially
      from musicians. They released their first album in 1995 and were soon
      attracting more and more followers. The band continued to release
      albums on a regular basisand in 1999, they moved to a major label,
      Parco/Columbia. In 2001, after 3 albums, they released a remix
      album"Resonated" featuring old friends Buffalo Daughter, EYE
      (Boredoms), etc. The following year, they signed a new record deal
      with Avex Trax, the Japanese biggest major record label. They just
      recently signed with the American Label Estrus to issue out their
      first U.S. release. They have toured the country supporting the likes
      of J.S.B.X., Fugazi, AxCx, Mudhoney, The Dirtbombs, Bob Log III,
      Coachwhips, and 20 miles, etc. Their talents are not limited to DMBQ.
      Masuko is also now playing with Damo Suziki (ex-Can) and China is the
      drummer for Shonen Knife. Like a psychedelic car crash, DMBQ's rock
      explosion is not one to be missed. Prepare for a wall of noise,
      amplification, and rock'n'roll in its most true form as you listen to
      DMBQ. They massacre the stage, audience and themselves right before
      your very eyes. Creating a sonic wasteland of instruments, they
      barrage you with a sound reminiscent to Led Zeppelin on acid.
      that rock'n'roll is still a forced to be reckoned with, DMBQ
      the limitations of the human physique as well as the livelihood of
      their musical equipment with their deranged finales at the end of
      show. When asked to explain their music, DMBQ's only retort is "Yes,
      we have big problem in our brain." - Panache
      – MP3s –> http://www.dmbq.net/disc_e.asp

      [ SHELLSHAG ]
      "Shellshag is a 2 piece rock band, Jen and Shell from Kung Fu USA,
      Static Faction, and 50 million. Playing noisy guitar through dual
      and drumming with no bass drum or cymbals, they've been churning out
      quick sets of noise wave dance punk songs. They just released an EP
      recorded by Pavement drummer Gary Young." - Starcleaner
      - WEBSITE / MP3s -> http://www.starcleaner.com/revenge.htm

      [ NEW TAAFE DANCE PARTY / !!! aka CHK CHK CHK djs ]
      A Heaping Plate Of Steaming House, Electrofunk, Disco, Dancehall,
      Crunk, Grime, Bounce, Dub, Glam, & Drug-Heavy Freak Zhit! Starts
      when the bands end (and a little bit btwn them) And Will Most Likely
      Go Until The Wee Hours. Dancing, Loose Morals, Broken Glass, Illicit
      Activities, Sweat, Maniacal Laughter, Darkness… This Is The New City-
      State! NEW TAAFFE!!!

      [ Organized by Michelle Panache & Todd P ]
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