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  • freedombleeder
    Sep 5, 2001
      ROVO( Seichii Yamamoto's band ) just realesed a
      split cd witha japanese band called Date Course
      Pentagon Royal Garden or DCPRG--- 2 tracks on the
      cd:<br>Rovo- SINO 30:13<br>DCPRG- PanAmerican Beef Stake Art
      Federations 32:00<br>Rovo track is as good and beautiful as
      they usually do but i became obsessed about hear the
      other song--i understand it will be a kind of jazz
      since there are 11 members in the band...<br>Have
      anyone heard about it????<br>What about Dj Pica pica's
      Planetary Natural Love Gas Webbin (Yamatzuka eYe
      2001)anyone like it??<br>I love his mixes:
      Tribal-Noise-House-----freak isn't it??? ceeya!
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