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  • surrealeye_2001
    Jan 7, 2005
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      Well finally I have begun the cd burning journey.I'm all new to this
      but if reliable people are interested in trading here are my lists.

      Want Most:
      Omoide Hatoba-Vuoy,and especially the newest one
      also didn't Yamamoto put out a more pop record called Ya to I or

      Also,very obscure but Aki Kubota(from Koenji Hyakke,Malinconia)put out
      a solo album called Aki.

      Altered States-any studio albums except Mosaic,and am interested in
      any Kazuhisa Uchihashi related.

      On the lower end of the want scale:

      I may be interested in Grind Orchestra(don't have any of those).
      Any quality J-Pop(I like Cornelius,Buffalo Daughter,Takako Minekawa).

      Other?I'm interested in alot of different things,let me know!

      Here is my list(cd's only,not things I may have downloaded):

      Boredoms(not including main studio releases)Super Roots 1,6,Jungle Taitei

      Seiichi Yamamoto-Crown,Baptism,Nu Frequency,Live Under the
      Sky,Sun-Kich(Lucky Mountain Hey!)

      Ruins:2&19 Numbers,Stonehenge,Burning
      Stone,Vressto,Hyderomastringoen,Refusal Fossil,Live at

      Tatsuya Yoshida:Devil from the East,Drums/Keys/Voice,Magaibutsu,A
      Million Years,Zubi Zuva

      Koenji Hyakke:1st,2nd

      Tairikuotoko vs Sanmyakuonna-Perfect Hell

      UFO or DIE:Cassette Tape Superstar,Live,Bron 3 inch(4 songs)

      Galaxy&Nu Beauty(compilation)with UFO or DIE,YBO2,Kuroyuri
      Shimai,Children Coup d'Etat

      Neu Konservativ(comp)with Altered States,Koenji,Bass
      Army,PON,Tipographica,demisemiquaver,optical 8,ground zero

      Children Coup d'Etat-Puppet Reaction

      Melt Banana-SpeakSqueak,CellScape,Live at Light Velocity,ScratchorStitch


      Other non-Japanese stuff just axe if you're interested