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  • alterego100usa
    Dec 29, 2004
      ...and some people may find it more convenient to just trade cd
      copies by postal mail. now that it appears my computer will be
      working (for awhile, at least), i can copy music again. {legal stuff,
      of course!} still need to re-establish online connection, though.
      while much of the clutter of the holiday has passed, my place is
      still dramatically changed, so almost all (hundreds) of my boot
      audiocassettes have been boxed up, but the cds are in order, and the
      albums are still accessible, though i'll need a preamp or something
      (fisher turntable). my roommate's son helped out with the pc--kids
      are bright these days--and rewired my entire video wall. the kid
      knows what's important. so a huge, overwhelming number of videos and
      audios, comic books, etc. are packed away, but there's only one woman
      who could influence me into that change, and it happened. she likes
      good music, too, but i haven't exposed her to the boredoms yet.