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1781Omoide Hatoba-Vuoy

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  • surrealeye_2001
    Oct 30, 2004
      Does anyone have Vuoy?It's very hard to find these days.Does anyone
      have a copy they'd like to burn for me to trade?If you're reliable,I
      can post a list of stuff one might be interested in that I should be
      able to dub.

      I just bought and have been listening to Yamamoto's Baptism cd
      today.It's nice,but sometimes I yearn for the wacky days of Omoide
      Hatoba.I have most the previous studio cds,even Ruins Hatoba,which is
      terrible.I heard there is a new Ruins Hatoba cd(also recorded live)I
      imagine that's terrible too.Who would have thought,the sharp,complex
      prog of Ruins mixed with the genre bending fun of Omoide
      Hatoba,and...the end results suck.I thought Yamamoto and Yoshida
      together would be cool,I was wrong.Even their duo collab,Sun-Kich,is
      a waste of tape.Grrrrrrrr!
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