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1689Re: New album??

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  • surrealeye_2001
    Sep 24, 2004
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      I haven't heard it yet but I probably won't rush out to buy it.If
      it's not even as good as the Total Eclipse song I'm not too excited.I
      wonder,if there is a sitar jam,who's playing the sitar?

      I haven't been able to see Vooredoms live,I've only been able to
      download the live shows.It sounds nice,but not earthshaking.

      Perhaps the only real magic happens when all Boredoms are together?

      I like the old adage"genius is born of restraint",and that really
      applies to these guys,give them too much space and they make a mess
      (NaniNani,the recent OOIOO).To me,when this stuff
      (Ruins,Bore,Omoide,etc.)is good,it's transcendant!But when they
      aren't on their toes or they mess around too much,the results can be
      a waste of money.

      Even though I love VCN,it sort of sounded like they let the tape run
      and run and then Eye went into the studio and pieced his vision
      together.Which is to say,without Yamamoto they really lose
      something,and listening to Hanadensha,I have to give props to Hira
      and think he must have had some influence too.

      It's very evident by the recent side(or permanent?)projects that
      although there can be great and not so great results,when
      Hira,Yamamoto,Yoshimi,ATR and Eye get together,it's magic.I mean,I've
      heard Yamamoto's solo,Rovo,AOA,etc.and it's nice,but they really
      don't have any "OOMPH!"to alot of their stuff.I liked most of OOIOO's
      stuff,but Kila'has way too much filler on it.I realize these guys
      have families now,but,they need a little more focus before they lay
      something to tape.

      Thank goodness Tatsuya Yoshida is still insane.
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