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  • djanjankyo
    Jul 26, 2004
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      it says on the japanese site that it is a voordoms album. the english
      is wrong. the boredoms officially died in 1998. voordoms is
      technically only a live name. whether it will be used on cd is a
      different question. even with the ep released several years ago. the
      live track was referenced as the uordoms but the cd was boredoms.

      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "wingsoftoast"
      <wingsoftoast@y...> wrote:
      > this link has some in commentary in japanese -
      > http://mediamax.sumiya.co.jp/review.asp?cd=WPCL10119 - obviously
      > don't have a clue if it says anything about the cd's content but
      > perhaps group members who speak japanese might know????
      > i too hope its not another remix projecty thingummyjig
      > peter
      > -- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "Claude Zachary"
      > <claudezachary@m...> wrote:
      > > This is not the VooREDOMS album, something old. Guess that's why
      > > says boredoms. Maybe unrealeased album from VCNS period!!!!???
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