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1411Re: [the boredoms] bore 99 audio

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  • Christian Daly
    Feb 29, 2004
      You'll need to use a newsreader. Some e-mail client
      software will include one. If you need a standalone
      product, a lot of people seem to like a package called
      Agent. When you open the newsreader, you'll have the
      option (typically) to look over a long list of
      newsgroups. It's kind of like a bulletin board.
      There are ways to split up a large file into a lot of
      small ones and each of these small files is posted as
      a message. You can (in most newsreaders I've seen)
      then highlight all the messages and have the reader
      assemble the appropriate files from all the individual
      pieces. Once they're together, save the files in a
      location you'll remember.

      There's a lot more technical crap I don't know about,
      in terms of how the files are diced and reassembled,
      but you probably won't need to worry about it. If you
      have MS Internet Explorer installed, you have Outlook
      Express. You can use the newsreader in that.
      Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera all have newsreaders,
      too. Other e-mail client software like Eudora will
      have newsreaders, too. Check the help files for
      whatever software you want to use and it should be
      able to walk you through the process.


      --- Lee Henderson <lee-henderson@...> wrote:
      > How do I find alt.binaries.sounds mp3s.90's ?
      > I don't know how to look for groups on the net.
      > >i posted the whole show 6/29/99 in
      > alt.binaries.sounds mp3s.90's.
      > >
      > >the files i put here arte low quality, i posted
      > much better quality
      > >in news groups. i posted the last bore from 02 a
      > few weeks ago in
      > >the 00's group
      > >
      > >
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      > >
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