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1083Re: [the boredoms] Re: SUPER ROOTS 5 SEALED FOR $26.00!!!!!

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  • steve matis
    Apr 15, 2003
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      i have no idea why they have copies either. sealed
      copies of SR5 have been popping up left and right all
      over lately. when i emailed comfort about SR5 last
      december, they told me it was out of print. but how
      come they have been all over teh place lately then? i
      have a hard time keeping track of what is or isn't out
      of print from the boredoms japanese only releases. i
      paid $40 for my copy (which is still better than the
      $61 someone paid recently for a sealed one), and YES
      GILLHAM, i could have snagged a better deal and YES it
      is a repeat of gerogerigegege incident. i did get an
      incredible deal just yesterday through ebay: super
      roots 3 $19.99 and hanatarash 5 $24.00 , so in the
      long run, i am making it out okay. i would buy a copy
      of SR5 just for the obi (because i am THAT much of an
      anal bore collector) but i am skipping out so more
      people can enjoy it for a lower price than what i had
      to pay. patience is apparently a virtue in the record
      collecting world and i am just now coming to learn
      that. forced exposure constantly seem to have bore
      related stuff that seems to mysteriously be IN AND OUT
      of print. by the way, i have the VCN boxset and i was
      wondering if the 'suncidial tenedencies' ep or
      whatever is worth it still? i know its not the same
      stuff, but its supposedly similar. anyone?

      a super roots boxset would be AWESOME. i am still
      looking for a japanese edition of super � with the
      super cool packaging. any help?

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