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1082Re: SUPER ROOTS 5 SEALED FOR $26.00!!!!!

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  • fastyouth81
    Apr 15, 2003
      Even though I just sent in my order and am happy to be receiving a
      copy from FE soon, I still think this doesn't make much sense. Was
      Super Roots 5 ever really out of print? I don't remember Pop Kiss
      ever listing it as out of print, but the only place I ever even saw
      it listed was Comfort and now there out of stock. It was on a major
      label...were they just waiting on a repressing from Warners? If this
      is the case, I hope we should expect copies of Super Roots 3,2 (my
      idea was to put out Super roots box set) 2001 Boredoms, the ORIGINAL
      Super AE with cool packaging and everything else Bore put out via
      Warners Japan and perhaps the VCN box set. I know many of us have
      shelled out insane amounts of money (don't get me started on
      hanatarash) and if the case is Warners is "temporarily" out of stock,
      well I say what the hell are you waiting for, Warners? Notice plenty
      of copies of Super Roots 8 on CD and Super Go have been popping up.
      I actually got a copy of Super Go at my local record store about a
      month ago.
      --- In theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "steve" <istvanmatis@y...> wrote:
      > i don't know how or why, but forced exposure have sealed COPIES
      > (notice plural) of super roots 5!!! i already dropped a load on it
      > i miss out on the killer deal, but anyone else who doesn't have
      > tripped out mind fuck of an album should take advantage and snag it
      > up. good luck! they probably won't last too long.
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