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1056Re: supersmug + balck dice thingy

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  • wingsoftoast
    Mar 31, 2003
      i think i've been moved to try a little harder tracking stuff down
      largely because of the insane prices the rarer boredoms backlist
      titles reach on ebay - the free with chocolate synthesizer super
      roots mini cd (about 4 minutes long isn't it?) went for $80+ quite

      i've also got the nagging suspicion that should the vooredoms cd
      finally comes out warners / trattoria might rerelease some stuff
      (fingers crossed).

      super roots 5 + hanatarash 5 make a nice pair if i do say so myself -
      the hanatarash disc is like a cartoon version of the boredoms one...

      on a different tack i see that eye's remixed black dice ?? i didn't
      think 'beaches and canyon's' was much kop to be honest - sounds a bit
      like the fennesz 'endless summer' album with can 'tago mago' drums.
      actually that sounds quite good... er ... anyway it wasn't as good as
      the hype might have suggested

      best wishes

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