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  • robertheinlein66
    Mar 26, 2003
      they are like the people in this group who sell video tapes on ebaY
      that are dub of vhs that they make and cost like 2 dollars and sell
      for 50 dollars or more.

      i'd like to know which ripoff artists are
      > conning fans into paying 2x, 3x or more for in-print cds. even at
      > store retail, i've never paid more than $20 or so per cd for
      > imports, new. don't support those crooks who would take advantage
      > your interests financially--profit is one thing, judicious markup
      > another; the recording artist gets no more royalties than they do
      > a list purchase, and you spend more money. but do, however,
      > supporting the musicians with purchases of their products. import
      > markups are more easily debatable, though, than sales of bootlegs
      > prices well in excess of retail. while on the subject, anyone have
      > copies of officially released boredoms in video formats (mpeg,
      > even in a ripped file? that's something i can't find... -- In
      > theboredoms@yahoogroups.com, "wingsoftoast" <wingsoftoast@y...>
      > > just thought i'd share my joy at acquiring super roots 5 (used /
      > > mint) + hanatarash 5 (sealed) for $57 including postage - used
      > > strangelove records in tokyo (run by junko suzuki - fantastic
      > service
      > > + i cannot recommend highly enough)
      > > thanks also to popkiss / sore diamonds matey for pointing out
      > of
      > > super roots 5 at amazon.co.jp - advice to anyone who doesn't know
      > > this already - don't use ebay unless you really have to - it's
      > stupid
      > > paying $100 for something that you can get at normal price by
      > > searching around a bit.
      > >
      > > best wishes to y'all
      > > peter
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