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ÇÍÏË ãÌãæÚå ßÊÈ ãäæÚå

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  • mahmod bakr
    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑÍãå Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå ÈÚÏ ÇáÊÍíå åÐå ÇÍÏË ãÌãæÚå ãä ÇáßÊÈ ÇÓÊØÚÊ ÇáÍÕæá
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2006
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      ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑÍãå Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå
      ÈÚÏ ÇáÊÍíå
      åÐå ÇÍÏË ãÌãæÚå ãä ÇáßÊÈ ÇÓÊØÚÊ ÇáÍÕæá ÚáíåÇ
      æåì ÇãÇäå Ýì ÇÚäÇÞßã Çáì íæã ÇáÞíÇãå ÓÇåã Ýì äÔÑåÇ ÍÊì ÊÓÊØíÚ äÔÑ ÇáÚáã Ýì ÇáæØä ÇáÚÑÈì æáßì íÌÇÒíäÇ Çááå Úäßã ÎíÑÇ ÍÓä ÇáÚãá ÇáÕÇáÍ æÇáËæÇÈ
      ÃÊÑßßã ãÚ ÇáßÊÈ

      Ian Oppermann (Editor), Matti Hämäläinen (Editor), Jari Iinatti (Editor) , «UWB : Theory and Applications»
      John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470869178 | 2004 Year | PDF | 2,61 Mb | 248 Pages

      “Over the past 20 years UWB has been used for radar, sensing, military communications and niche applications. However, since the FCC ruling in 2002, which allowed the commercial operation of UWB for data communications, UWB has changed dramatically.
      Implementation oriented, this volume explores the fundamentals of UWB technology with particular emphasis on impulse radio (IR) techniques. It explains the key physical layer aspects of UWB technology, especially in communications and in control applications, and examines the multiple access (MAC) issues which are emerging as a hot area for practical UWB systems.

      Offers practical information about implementation
      Addresses issues of modulation possibilities, appropriate circuits for UWB, an example circuit design, MAC protocol issues and use of UWB for positioning applications
      Includes a literature survey examining books, articles and conference papers presenting the basic features of UWB technology and current systems
      Features a patent database search providing a historical perspective to the state-of-the-art technology
      UWB Theory and Applications will be indispensable to researchers interested in the practical issues of UWB technology and realistic assumptions of UWB, as well as engineers interested in implementing UWB devices.

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

      Download from Rapidshare


      Mohammad Ghavami, Lachlan Michael, Ryuji Kohno, «Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering»
      John Wiley & Sons | ISBN 0470867515 | 2004 Year | PDF | 2,54 Mb | 276 Pages

      “Ultra Wideband (UWB) is the hot new topic in wireless communication engineering today. High-speed communication over short distances using sub-nanosecond pulses, rather than conventional sinusoidal waves, has paved the way for cheap wireless transceivers, capturing the imagination of both academics and engineers in industry alike. Ultra Wideband Signals and Systems in Communication Engineering focuses on the basic signal processing that underlies current and future ultra wideband systems ensuring this text will be essential reading even as UWB applications mature and change or regulations regarding ultra wideband systems are modified.
      Provides everything you need to know about Ultra Wideband Communications in one compact volume
      Explains, in an easy to understand manner, the basics of UWB and its applications
      Covers, in detail, the generation of UWB waveforms through to the position and location of UWB signals
      Discusses the issues that must be solved for UWB devices to explode onto the consumer communication market
      Includes examples and problems in each chapter to aid understanding
      Features a companion website including Solutions manual, Matlab programs, Electronic versions of the figures and a sample chapter
      This enlightening text is a must for senior undergraduates and postgraduate students interested in studying UWB, and the emphasis on UWB development for commercial consumer communications products means that any communication engineer or manager cannot afford to be without it!

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

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      dowloand here: No pass needed

      http://rapidshare.de/files/20259566/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part01.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20263043/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part02.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20266667/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part03.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20268261/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part04.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20269591/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part05.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20270865/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part06.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20272005/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part07.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20273058/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part08.rar 23.84 MB
      http://rapidshare.de/files/20258249/Ultimate_Z80_eBook_Collection.part09.rar 11.73 MB


      LIsa Towne, Lauress L. Wise, Tina M. Winters, «Advancing Scientific Research In Education»
      Joseph Henry Press | ISBN 030909321X | 2004 Year | PDF | 3,59 Mb | 120 Pages

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

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      Albert Thumann, et al, «Handbook Of Financing Energy Projects»
      Fairmont Press | ISBN 0881734802 | 2004 Year | PDF | 2,75 Mb | 440 Pages

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

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      Embedded System Design, 2nd Edition

      Author: Peter Marwedel, University of Dortmund
      Publisher: Springer
      Pages: 258 pages
      Edition: 2nd Edition, 2006
      ISBN: 0-387-29237-3
      Format: PDF

      Book Info

      Embedded systems can be defined as information processing systems embedded into enclosing products such as cars, telecommunication or fabrication equipment. Such systems come with a large number of common characteristics, including real-time constraints, and dependability as well as efficiency requirements. Following the success of information technology (IT) for office and workflow applications, embedded systems are considered to be the most important application area of IT during the coming years. This importance of embedded systems is so far not well reflected in many of the current curricula. Embedded System Design is intended as an aid for changing this situation. It provides the material for a first course on embedded systems, but can also be used by PhD students and professors. A key goal of this book is to provide an overview of embedded system design and to relate the most important topics in embedded system design to each other. It should help to motivate students as well as professors to put more emphasis on education in embedded systems. In order to facilitate teaching from this book, slides, exercises and other related material can be downloaded from this web page.


      * Preface. Acknowledgements.
      * 1: Introduction. 1.1. Terms and scope. 1.2. Application areas. 1.3. Growing importance of embedded systems. 1.4. Structure of this book.
      * 2: Specifications. 2.1. Requirements. 2.2. Models of computation. 2.3. StateCharts. 2.4. General language characteristics. 2.5. SDL. 2.6. Petri nets. 2.7. Message Sequence Charts. 2.8. UML. 2.9. Process networks. 2.10. Java. 2.11. VHDL. 2.12. SystemC. 2.13.Verilog and System Verilog. 2.14. SpecC. 2.15. Additional languages. 2.16. Levels of hardware modeling. 2.17. Language comparison. 2.18. Dependability requirements.
      * 3: Embedded system hardware. 3.1. Introduction. 3.2. Input. 3.3. Communication. 3.4. Processing units. 3.5. Memories. 3.6. Output.
      * 4: Embedded operating systems, middleware, and scheduling. 4.1. Prediction of execution times. 4.2. Scheduling in real-time systems. 4.3. Embedded operating systems. 4.4. Middleware.
      * 5: Implementing embedded systems: hardware/software codesign. 5.1. Task level concurrency management. 5.2. High-level optimizations. 5.3. Hardware/software partitioning. 5.4. Compilers for embedded systems. 5.5. Voltage scaling and power management. 5.6. Actual design flows and tools.
      * 6: Validation. 6.1. Introduction. 6.2. Simulation. 6.3. Rapid prototyping and emulation. 6.4. Test. 6.5. Fault simulation. 6.6. Fault injection. 6.7. Risk- and dependability analysis. 6.8. Formal verification.
      * Bibliography. About the Author. List of Figures. Index.

      Download (RAR, 1.50MB):
      Password: cathome


      Trevor Matrin, The Insider's Guide To The Philips ARM7-Based Microcontrollers

      Andy Lindsay, What's a Microcontroller?

      Embedded System Design Using 8031 Microcontrollers

      John Iovine, PIC Robotics: A Beginner’s Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Microcontroller

      Scott MacKenzie, The 8051 Microprocessor - 2nd Edition

      The Final Word on the 8051 Microcontroller

      Nigel Gardner, PIC C: An Introduction to Programming the Microchip PIC in C

      Stuart R. Ball, Analog Interfacing To Embedded Microprocessors: Real World Design

      G. Jack Lipovski, Single and Multi-Chip Microcontroller Interfacing: For the Motorola 68HC12


      Circuit Cellar Magazines

      Everyday Practical Electronics, January 2006

      Servo Magazine, May 2006

      Servo Magazine, April 2006

      Servo Magazine, March 2006

      Servo Magazine, February 2006

      Elektor Magazine, May 2006


      Kahrs & Brandenburg, Applications of Digital Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics

      Ifeachor & Jervis - Digital Signal Processing - A Practical Approach 2E

      Glover & Grant, Digital Communications

      Michael Purser, Introduction to Error-Correcting Codes

      Peebles, Peyton Z. Jr., Digital Communication Systems, 1st Edition

      Proakis, Digital Signal Processing: Principles, Algorithms and Applications, 3rd Edition

      Proakis, Digital Signal Processing - Solution Manual

      Simulation of Communication Systems : Modeling, Methodology and Techniques, 2nd Edition

      Wang, Ostermann, Zhang, Video Processing and Communications

      Bruce E. Elbert, The Satellite Communication Applications Handbook, 2nd Edition

      Steve Hranilovic, Wireless Optical Communication Systems


      Iain E. G. Richardson, H.264 and MPEG-4 Video Compression - Video Coding for Next-generation Multimedia

      Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering: Fundamentals, Algorithms, and Standards

      Rao, The Transform and Data Compression Handbook

      Raymond Westwater, Borko Furht, Real-Time Video Compression: Techniques and Algorithms

      David Salomon, Data Compression: The Complete Reference, 3rd Edition


      Numerical Recipies in C

      Numerical Recipies in C - The Full Source Code!

      John Ayres, The Tomes of Delphi, Win32 Core API, Windows 2000 Edition


      Jan Axelson, Parallel Port Complete: Programming, Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port

      Uwe Meyer-Baese, Digital Signal Processing With Field Programmable Gate Arrays

      D. Naylor, S. Jones, VHDL: A Logic Synthesis Approach

      Ben Cohen, VHDL Coding Styles and Methodologies, 1st Edition

      IEEE VHDL Interactive Tutorial

      Wireless Communication Technologies: New Multimedia Systems

      Douglas L. Perry, VHDL Programming By Example, 4th Edition

      Samir Palnitkar, Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis

      PASSWORD for ALL: cathome


      Said S.E.H. Elnashaie and Parag Garhyan, «Conservation Equations and Modeling of Chemical and Biochemical Processes»
      CRC Press | ISBN 0824709578 | 2003 Year | PDF | 636 Pages | 2,36 Mb

      Presenting strategies in control policies, this text uses a systems theory approach to predict, simulate and streamline plant operation, conserve fuel and resources, and increase workplace safety in the manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, biochemical and energy industries. Topics of discussion include system theory and chemical/biochemical engineering systems, steady state, unsteady state, and thermodynamic equilibrium, modeling of systems, fundamental laws governing the processes in terms of the state variables, different classifications of physical models, the story of chemical engineering in relation to system theory and mathematical modeling, overall heat balance with single and multiple chemical reactions and single and multiple reactions.

      Download from Rapidshare
      The Mystery of the Quantum World, Second Edition

      The Mystery of the Quantum World | E.J Squires | Taylor & Francis | 2nd edition | 0750301783 | 208 pages | 8.30 mb


      Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX
      CHM | ~7.7MB | Kevin Towes | ISBN : 0-7357-1333-2 | 504 Pages | New Riders Publishing | 2002

      Flash Communicator Server MX is your complete guide to integrating rich media and real-time collaboration into your applications with Flash Communication Server MX! It includes 10 quick steps for getting started and covers ActionScripting, Flash Remoting, and other key implementation issues from a server-side perspective. It provides excellent tutorials for creating usable, media rich applications that allow real-time collaboration.

      Download Link
      No Password

      More Flash related Books (No Password):
      Programming Flash Communication Server.rar
      Hidden Power of Flash Components
      Sams Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed
      Adobe InDesign CS2 at work
      Adobe Illustrator CS2 at work Projects You Can Use on the Job


      Woojong Suh (Editor), «Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques»
      Idea Group Publishing | ISBN 1591404320 | 2005 Year | PDF | 4,05 Mb | 364 Pages

      “As most organizations have expanded traditional business space into web-based environments, a more complete and thorough understanding of Web Engineering is becoming vital for organizations. However, the definition of Web Engineering is growing more and more blurred. Although based primarily on MIS and computer science areas, Web Engineering covers a wide range of disciplines, thus making it difficult to gain an understanding of the field. Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques provides clarity to this often muddied issue. Covering a wide range of topics such as: basic perspectives on Web Engineering, development methodologies for Web applications, Web metrics and quality models, Web resource management techniques and standards, maintenance and evolution methods for Web applications, and Web intelligence techniques and models this book provides the necessary tools vital for organizations to utilize the full potential of Web Engineering. Essential for both researchers and practitioners, Web Engineering: Principles and Techniques covers a wide range of topics vital to strengthening professional insights and capabilities within the field of Web Engineering. ”

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru


      Justin London, «Modeling Derivatives in C++»
      Wiley | ISBN 0471654647 | 2004 Year | PDF | 4,76 Mb | 768 Pages

      “This book is the definitive and most comprehensive guide to modeling derivatives in C++ today. Providing readers with not only the theory and math behind the models, as well as the fundamental concepts of financial engineering, but also actual robust object-oriented C++ code, this is a practical introduction to the most important derivative models used in practice today, including equity (standard and exotics including barrier, lookback, and Asian) and fixed income (bonds, caps, swaptions, swaps, credit) derivatives. The book provides complete C++ implementations for many of the most important derivatives and interest rate pricing models used on Wall Street including Hull-White, BDT, CIR, HJM, and LIBOR Market Model. London illustrates the practical and efficient implementations of these models in real-world situations and discusses the mathematical underpinnings and derivation of the models in a detailed yet accessible manner illustrated by many examples with numerical data as well as real market data. A companion CD contains quantitative libraries, tools, applications, and resources that will be of value to those doing quantitative programming and analysis in C++. Filled with practical advice and helpful tools, Modeling Derivatives in C++ will help readers succeed in understanding and implementing C++ when modeling all types of derivatives. ”

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

      Download from Rapidshare


      Stephen J. Andriole, «The 2nd Digital Revolution»
      IRM Press | ISBN 1591408016 | 2005 Year | PDF | 4,96 Mb | 264 Pages

      “Communicating the essence of business technology management in ways seldom discussed in public, this book looks at how to optimize relationships that have been driven more by sellers than buyers, and more by hype than substance. The IT profession is at a unique flash point in history where there are serious problems—high project failure rate, remnants of the dot com crash, and persistently low capital IT spending—and major opportunities.”

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

      Download from Rapidshare


      Catherine Cavagnaro, «Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics»
      CRC | ISBN 1584880503 | 2001 Year | PDF | 1,28 Mb | 144 Pages

      “Containing more than 1,000 entries, the Dictionary of Classical and Theoretical Mathematics focuses on mathematical terms and definitions of critical importance to practicing mathematicians and scientists. This single-source reference provides working definitions, meanings of terms, related references, and a list of alternative terms and definitions. This dictionary is one of five paperback constituent works that make up the casebound CRC Comprehensive Dictionary of Mathematics. ”

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

      Download from Rapidshare


      Todd Stauffer, «Absolute Beginner's Guide to Creating Web Pages» (2nd Edition)
      Que | ISBN 0789728958 | 2002 Year | PDF | 7,34 Mb | 384 Pages

      “Absolute Beginner's Guide to Creating Web Pages assumes that readers are true beginners - no prior Web page experience is necessary!

      This hands-on tutorial teaches readers the fundamentals of creating Web pages, along with more advanced ideas like message areas, chat, and e-commerce options to make the page look like it was created by a professional. The book begins by explaining the need for HTML and the basics of good Web page design. It then covers using HTML tags and tools, formatting text, adding images, and building links. Later chapters demonstrate how to add features to Web pages including tables, colors, frames, multimedia content, JavaScript, Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML. The author has also included several hundred pages of useful additional information, perfect for the beginning Web designer.

      Password: www.AvaxHome.ru

      Download from Rapidshare

      The Power and Limits of NGOs

      The Power and Limits of NGOs | Sarah E. Mendelson, John K. Glenn | Columbia University Press | 0231124910 | 300 pages | 1.09 Mb

      A Random Walk in Science

      A Random Walk in Science | Robert L. Weber | Taylor & Francis | 0750306491 | 138 pages | 13.05 Mb

      Posted by :: ayush | Date :: May 27, 2006 18:45:37
      This anthology started out as a collection of jokes about physics. It has been arranged for dipping into, many of the articles have been condensed and each article is loosely related to the ones near it.


      Muhammad-Legacy Of A Prophet
      Documentary Video

      His father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was only six. But sheltered by a powerful uncle, he made a good start in life, established himself in a profitable business and married well. And then, at the age of 40, he was transformed. A man who could not read or write, he announced that he was the prophet of God. His name was Muhammad, and in the next 23 years he would bring peace to the warring pagan tribes of Arabia and establish the new religion of Islam, which today has 1.4 billion followers.

      High Quality:

      Low Quality :
      Posted by :: ayush | Date :: May 29, 2006 19:49:59
      Always there are more views for Islamic music / video

      ãÊäÓæäÇÔ ÈÏÚæÇÊßã íÇ ÔÈÇÈ
      ãÚ ÊÍíÇÊ ÌÑæÈ ÇÝÖá ÇáãåäÏÓíä
      ÇÔÊÑß ãÚäÇ áÊÕáß ÑÓÇÆáäÇ
      ãÌãæÚÇÊ ÕÏíÞå
      ÌÑæÈ ÇáÈÑÇÞ áåäÏÓå ÇáßåÑÈÇÁ
      ÇáÎÇÕ ÈØáÈå åäÏÓå ÔÈÑÇ
      ÌãÇÚÉ ÇáãåäÏÓíä ÇáÏíãÞÑÇØííä
      ãæÞÚäÇ Úáì ÇáÅäÊÑäÊ
       ãÌãæÚÊäÇ ÇáÈÑíÏíÉ

      ÅÐÇ áã ÊÓÊØÚ Ãä ÊäÙÑ ÇãÇãß áÃä ãÓÊÞÈáß ãÙáã æáã ÊÓÊØÚ Ãä ÊäÙÑ ÎáÝß áÃä ãÇÖíß ãÄáã ÝÇäÙÑ Åáì ÇáÃÚáì ÊÌÏ ÑÈß ÊÌÇåß
       engineer mahmoud

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