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  • annitaaiken@yahoo.com
    Nov 6, 2011
      I am not sure what else could possibly be said about the company at
      http://nameurownprice.com� than has not already been said, seen on TV�and seen
      in magazine articles. However, since I have been part of this program since
      1979, I believe I can add to the longevity of this company's programs. I must
      have been one of the first people to join this company's sampler program and
      the savings over the past�32 years have been more than I ever could have prayed
      for! It has been the norm to go to the grocery store and get items from milk
      to medicines for pennies on the dollar, to eat out for free or next to nothing,�and
      to�have access to tens of thousands of items from
      electronics to fine jewelry at below wholesale prices. When I signed up for
      program I had no idea what the future would bring. Then in 1991 my husband
      was laid off and thanks to this program we were able to make ends meet until
      he found new employment. I can't�count how many people that witnessed my savings
      through the years have joined this program.

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