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371The Bottom Line Is It Works!

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  • Anne Compton
    Oct 11, 2011
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      Recently our moderator was kind enough to take the time to recommend the programs
      at http://savingmorethanbefore.com I was sad to see how a few people viciously
      attacked her of profiting from her recommendation, of spam, etc. Personally,
      I don't care if she becomes a millionaire recommending it or if she doesn't
      make a single cent doing it. Furthermore, I don't consider posts that are helpful
      to be spam. I took her advice and signed up for that company's sampler program
      and I quickly found out it was everythingshe said and much more! The savings
      have been through the roof.� I simply don't understand how some people could
      be so vicious attacking someone who is trying to help. So to the moderator
      thank you so much for your tip - it has helped me beyond words!�Anne Compton

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