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Steve Whitaker - The Whitko Collection

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  • William
    I hope that the cross-posting of this item will be forgiven, as I want to make the announcement to as many lists of people who may be interested as possible,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010
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      I hope that the cross-posting of this item will be forgiven, as I want to make the announcement to as many lists of people who may be interested as possible, but I'm aware that there's a great many folks, such as myself, who are members of more than one list. So, if you read this header more than once, please delete and go no further.

      Steve Whitaker, artist, colourist, one of my oldest friends, and one of the most knowledgeable people in comics that I've ever known, died on February 22nd, 2008, of a suspected stroke, at the age of 52.

      Recently, 30th Century Comics (www.30thcenturycomics.co.uk ) has acquired Steve's collection, and because of its diversity and uniqueness, we've decided to offer it as a 'pedigree' collection, one that's derived from one specific source. In tribute to Steve's nickname (from his admiration for Steve Ditko's work), we're calling it 'The Whitko Collection'.

      With many pedigree collections, emphasis is placed on the near-pristine condition of the items. Steve's isn't like that. His was the collection of a working artist, not bought for investment, but read for enjoyment and for reference time and time again. Many of them are decent, but as many are worn, torn, taped, stained, and often annotated in the margins with Steve's identification of artists.

      This will be the only announcement on-list – I certainly have no intention of plaguing people with regular 'shills', as I regard that as a breach of 'netiquette' – but I'm aware that some folks on this list knew Steve, either by reputation and in person, and might want to be made aware that his collection is now on the market. Selections from 'The Whitko Collection' will added to our website catalogue on a weekly basis from now throughout 2010, as we work our way through grading and processing them. Each `release' of issues will be announced on our 'What's New' page as they become available for sale. Steve's tastes were very diverse, and this variety is reflected in the breadth of his collection; Ditko, Kirby, Dell, Atlas, Archie, Charlton, American, British, Western, War, Magazines about Comics, Romance, IW/Super, Religious, Funny Girls, and much more.

      Every single category in our catalogue, both British and American, is represented within this collection and there will be several updates for each category, so, for example, if you see a Dell Comics update, it doesn't mean that's all there is of Dell, just the first batch of them.

      Most pedigree collections are also characterised by an enhanced premium on the retail price. That's not applicable in this case. All items in 'The Whitko Collection' will be sold at our regular retail, to be bought by people who'll enjoy and appreciate them. Which – apart from still being around to enjoy them himself, of course – is what I think he would have wanted.

      - Will Morgan.
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