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2696Re: [The All Winners Squad] All-New Invaders is coming from Marvel

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  • edward love
    Sep 12, 2013
      The last one was pretty much guaranteed to fail. It was launched in a book that was rapidly losing readers. The ongoing was not by the same writer or artist, neither of whom with extensive comic credits or fanbase so there's a big disconnect with the lead-in story and what the ongoing was like. If you liked the lead-in, the ongoing runs the risk of not keeping you. If you didn't like it, you're less likely to continue to even find out if the ongoing is any good or not, assuming it should be more of the same. The book itself was already a niche book and had a very different/experimental art style. They also could not use Namor NOR Steve Rogers/Captain America. And, it received no push or support from management after launched, it was sink or swim.

      On those fronts, I will admit that Marvel is front-loading this one for success. Spin out of the Avengers that is at high popularity instead of circling the drain. James Robinson has a rep for golden-age heroes, freshly off Earth-2 and whose leaving DC provides a little bit of extra publicity for him to come Marvel to tackle/reinvision their golden-age characters and the art promo actually looks strong and good.

      Personally, there's little from DC or Marvel that really interests me and I don't really care for Robinson's take revisions of golden-age characters. Now, I liked Starman for the most part, except when he used established characters, where they tended to all come off second rate next to his own Mary Sues.  Would rather see more "Leave it to Chance" from him.

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      Sometimes timing is everything.

      Didn't Hulk's first book (waaaaaaaay back in the early 1960s) last only six issues before being canned, and it took a few years before Marvel gave him his own solo title again?

      Didn't Uncanny X-Men do mediocre when it was originally launched (becoming a reprint book for several years in the early 1970s), and it took until Giant-Size X-Men #1 to really start becoming popular again?

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      Didn't they already try to do an Invaders series set in current time, and it failed miserably?

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