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2681Re: [The All Winners Squad] Marvel Firsts: WWII Super Heroes

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  • Henry Andrews
    Apr 3, 2013
      Oh wow, Terror and Blazing Skull, good stuff.  I know Blazing Skull has actually shown up in more modern times but has the Terror?  That origin story is fantastic- sadly the feature got less interesting as time went on.


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      Just got my copy in the mail today . . . from Mystic Comics #5 it has
      * Black Marvel
      * Introducing the Terror
      * Blazing Skul

      from Mystic Comics #6 it has The Destroyer

      and from Mystic Comics #7 it has The Witness: Judge, Juror and Avenger of Evil


      Also noticed that barnesandnoble.com has Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age All-Winners - Volume 1 in paperback coming out in August of this year.

      A paperback version of Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Human Torch - Volume 1 is coming out early this month.

      --- In theallwinnerssquad@yahoogroups.com, Henry Andrews <Hha1@...> wrote:

      As far as I can tell, the only stories that are not already reprinted in Masterworks are the ones from Mystic Comics #5-7 (which I very much hope will soon appear in Mystic Comics Masterworks, Vol. 2, because really, that starts to get into the best non-"big three" comics of Timely's early years).

      ...anyway, I'm guessing those must be:
      The Black Marvel (Mystic Comics #5)
      The Destroyer (Mystic Comics #6)
      The Witness (Mystic Comics #7) [I'm guessing?  The only other new character in this issue is Davey and the Demon, and that's seriously obscure- The Witness appeared in The Twelve, though)

      Anyone else spot any not-already-in-masterworks reprints?

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