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  • towerbridge10
    Oct 19, 2005
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      I just watched Alexander again recently, and I think Jared Leto,
      Colin Farrell, and Angelina Jolie were excellent in the movie.
      Oliver Stone really captured the essence of Alexander¡¦s
      personality, vision, feelings, and portrayals.

      Colin did justice to Alexander by playing him not as a madman, not
      as a saint. He played Alexander as a man with a thirst to destroy
      the mythologies of man and to build histories and civilizations.
      What madness, if there was any, came not from insanity, but from the
      slowness of the world around him. The inability of those around him
      to not see past the obstacles that man¡¦s vanity creates for
      himself. To just see the world, men and women simply as they were in
      his eyes. One. There is a shiver to Colin¡¦s eyes at moments that
      denotes a quiet intelligence. This film is not so much about
      monologues in-front of masses of men ¡V but rather the connection
      the men felt for what he led them to accomplish. How he simply saw
      the field as if blessed. They treated him as a legend in his own
      time, yet could not blindly follow, nor did he want them to. Colin
      conveys his wanderlust wonderfully. I just love this film

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