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117Death of a Salesman recording?

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  • boarsheadtavern
    Mar 25, 2005
      I'm trying to find a recording of the music from Arthur
      Miller's "Death of a Salesman" - as composed by Alex North.

      He first composed it for the Broadway play that premiered in 1949,
      and then I believe the same music was transferred over to the 1951
      film version starring Fredric March.

      There is a much more well-known film, done for TV in the 80s with
      John Malkovich & Dustin Hoffman - and North also composed a slightly
      altered score for that version, as well, as far as the research I can
      find tells me.

      However, I cannot find a stand-alone recording of any of this music.
      There are the films, of course (the earlier hasn't even be released
      on VHS or DVD, it's so unpopular) - but I'm not interested in those
      films per se, just the music.

      Might anbody be able to help me out, direct me where to go, if it
      exists at all?
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