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Announcing a New, Comic-Based Web Community – Comic Book Scoop!

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  • Chad
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Chad Halsey www.comicbookscoop.com comicbookscoop@yahoo.com Announcing a New, Comic-Based Web Community – Comic Book Scoop!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2005

      Chad Halsey

      Announcing a New, Comic-Based Web Community – Comic Book Scoop!

      Bay City, MI -- Visit http://www.comicbookscoop.com/ to get
      in on the ground floor of the newest and most innovative comic book
      community on the web. Comic Book Scoop utilizes the "Blogiverse" to
      enhance and expand the comic book community.

      "My goal is to create an online fanzine," said Chad Halsey,
      the owner of Comic Book Scoop. "I hope this new website will become
      THE place on the web for comic fans, artists, writers,
      professionals, amateurs and curious bystanders to exchange opinions
      about the latest events in the industry, collaborate on new
      projects, and brainstorm ways to expand the ranks of comic book

      Comic Book Scoop incorporates blogging technology which will
      allow individuals to create their own blog, or online journal, to
      write about whatever interests them. "The focus of the site will be
      comics," added Chad, "but I want it to be more about building a
      community where all of the members just happen to be comic fans."

      One of the features that is particularly new and innovative
      is the ability of members of Comic Book Scoop's community to
      create "books". A book is a collaborative effort: users can write
      and create art for pages of the book, position the pages in the
      right order, and review or modify pages previously created.

      Comic Book Scoop also uses RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
      technology to allow users to syndicate content from the site into a
      newsreader and will incorporate RSS feeds from comic publishers and
      creators who provide them. "I want to make Comic Book Scoop a one-
      stop location for people to read about news, previews and reviews of
      the latest happenings in the industry," said Chad.

      Other features of Comic Book Scoop include the ability to
      comment on other's blog entries, private message other members of
      the community, build buddy lists, and vote in online polls.

      "Comics have often been written-off as a medium for
      children. While that is partially true, those of us who read comics
      know that it is a much broader art form than it is often given
      credit for," said Chad. "Hopefully this new site will help to
      illuminate a broader audience about the educational and artistic
      attributes of comic books."

      The web site is free to the public and will be advertiser

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