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Hughes-Fans Yahoo Group was Re: Let me introduce myself ~

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  • roydster
    Hi Donald, Just thought I d mention that there is a sister Yahoo group to this one which is also dedicated to Adam s work called Hughes-Fans (1622 members and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 25, 2003
      Hi Donald,

      Just thought I'd mention that there is a sister Yahoo group to this
      one which is also dedicated to Adam's work called Hughes-Fans (1622
      members and growing!). Adam drops in from time to time at the group
      and also forwards new images (eg. WW covers) for our viewing
      pleasure. We have a large store of images by Adam including many
      unpublished/unseen works on display at the Hughes-Fans group as well
      as the AH! Image Archive which is associated with the group.

      If interested, you can join up at -

      By the way, the CBA article on Adam is indeed a well researched
      article (I made a small contribution :) and the editor, Jon Cooke,
      kindly plugged the Hughes-Fans group with a full-page ad! In
      addition, the checklist was created by Larry Dempsey, the founder of
      our group.


      Moderator, Hughes-Fans Yahoo Group

      --- In theadamhughesfanclub@yahoogroups.com, "longfist2003
      <tangjie3@h...>" <tangjie3@h...> wrote:
      > Greetings to all - I recently discovered Adam's work in the X-men/
      > Wildcats crossover and as an aspiring comic book illustrator I
      > have been hunting down anything I can find on Hughes. There is
      > a huge article and pics on Hughes in ( I believe) this months
      > issue of Comic Book Artist. Your comic shop should carry it in
      > the magazines section.
      > I am working on an upcoming online comics/fiction website
      > called New Nocturne Fiction ( newnocturnefiction.com ) which
      > has a preview site coming out towards the end of this month.
      > The site is under construction now but you can have a peek. My
      > online portfolio is www.donaldjackson.com if you'd like to see
      > my work- it really needs to be updated though.
      > All the best- Donald
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