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46G'day AH! Fans from the Other Fan Group!

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  • roydster
    Jun 9, 2001
      G'day Vince,<br><br>Just thought I'd introduce
      myself as the moderator of the "other" AH! Yahoo Group
      :) I didn't realise that there was another group
      devoted to Adam's work so it was intriguing and exciting
      to find a second AH! fan group whose existence I
      wasn't aware of.<br><br>We're located at -
      <a href=http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hughes-fans target=new>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hughes-fans</a><br>and anyone is welcome to join and have a look around
      especially at the Files section which is similar to your
      Photos section where there are quite a few AH! pics on
      display, many of which are unpublished pieces (con
      sketches, pieces from Adam sketchbooks or other stuff
      forwarded by Adam).<br><br>We've been going for a couple of
      years (under a different moderator) but recently
      revamped and restarted around January this year. I hope we
      can chat/discuss the work of our fave artist. Warm
      regards,<br><br>Royd Burgoyne<br>Perth, Western
      Australia<br><a href=http://members.tripod.co.uk/liroyd/ target=new>http://members.tripod.co.uk/liroyd/</a><br>(Visit my website to see some fabulous pics by Adam
      including published and unpublished work!)
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