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  • wyldsideb
    Feb 18, 2003
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      Last year I attended the San Diego Con on Fri., the second day of the
      convention...I was one of the first people on the floor. I was lucky
      enough to spot Adam's table quickly and went up to talk to him. When
      I asked him about the possibility of having something drawn, he told
      me courteously that he was all booked up for the entire convention.
      I was extremely bummed.

      My question is this: I've had Adam draw several sketches for me
      before, but they were always done for free and right in front of me.
      When he says he's all booked up, are those to paying customers?? If
      so, what does he normally charge at a convention for a sketch. I
      just want to know so I can plan better for this year's con.

      Any help is appreciated.