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112Re: AH question...any input would be greatly appreciated

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  • tombo821
    May 29, 2002
      My suggestion is if he's going to be at the con,have her bring some
      photos of herself and explain what she wants to Adam.That is, if you
      get to speak to him.If he agrees to do it,I'd talk about the price
      and if it's reasonable for her,give him some money up front and tell
      him that he can do the drawing later when he's back in his studio and
      when he's done,you could send him the rest of the money for the
      drawing.This way,he's not bogged down with trying to do it at the con
      and he can relax and do it in his studio,without the pressure that
      normally comes with trying to do sketches,sign autographs,etc. at the
      con.With any luck,he'll agree to do it and she'll get a great drawing
      from Adam.Hope this helps.Later.Tom.:)
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