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111AH question...any input would be greatly appreciated

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  • statmark101
    May 1, 2002
      Hey everyone. I have a rather long winded question that if anyone
      could help me out with, it would be greatly appreciated.
      I have a friend that is female professional wrestler. Being a
      comic art fan herself, she would be interested in Adam Hughes doing a
      sketch of her for her own personal collection. Adam is actually going
      to be in our area for Heroes Convention in Charlotte in June. Does
      anyone know how I can go about making this happen? I would be under
      the impression that the easiest way to handle this is to contact Adam
      via email but I have no idea if he even has a public email address. I
      could send photos via email (or by regular mail if need be) since I
      would think trying to explain the sketch she's looking to have done
      may be more a bit too much trouble once we're actually at the Con.
      So basically if anyone has Adam's contact info or maybe even some
      stories about having him doing a sketch from real photos before,
      please feel free to reply. Thanks everyone!
      Take care and have a great day!
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