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107To remove spams from your Yahoo acccount

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  • superheronews
    Mar 29, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      I don't normally pass these things along but since Yahoo hosts this
      list I thought I should.



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      Atten: Rik Offenberger

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      Sent: Friday, March 29, 2002 1:53 AM
      Subject: Yahoo stinks


      thought you might like to see this:

      >> Yahoo has just changed their privacy policy and reset people's
      to accept spam (and junk mail). This is what I was told in another

      Just in case any of you, like me, had not yet received a notice from
      Yahoo, you might want to know that Yahoo "updated" their privacy
      policy. What this means to you is that the marketing preferences
      you indicated have been reset by Yahoo to make it okay for them to
      send you spam.
      If you'd like to "fix" that, go up to the Yahoogroups website and log
      in. Click on Account Info (it's at the upper right of the screen).
      need to put your password in again, and then click on "Edit
      Marketing Preferences." Change all the options to No, and don't
      forget the two towards the bottom of the page about phone and
      snail mail spam. Click the button to save it. When you are returned
      to the previous page, also click the Finished button at the top or
      bottom of the page.
      You must do this for every account you have.>>

      The thing is I checked my account and ... BINGO! everything had been
      set for
      the receipt of masses of Spam. So FYI and let anyone else you know
      who has
      Yahoo accounts or uses the groups of this.

      All the best!

      This has been a public information service brought to you by...

      Phil Hall

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