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5Bless you.....

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  • hippychic
    Aug 1, 2007
      Wow, you are going to be a couple of busy busy people....There is nothing quite like stripping everything from your walls, moving out furniture, keeping kids from "helping", and using muscles you were not even aware you possessed to make your weekend memorable!  Good luck with your project....I would offer to help, but I am still in the midst of damage control from the zillion landscaping and remodeling projects I took on months ago which have left my home compariable to the aftermath of a literal wrath of God.  I don't think I have had every room cleaned, the laundry finished, or even all my dishes washed at the same time since February.....EEEEKKKKK!  I keep telling myself I am going to make a room-by-room list to better organize myself, but either out of fear or frustration I keep procrastinating.....maybe subconsciously I just realize there is not enough ink and paper in the world to make this "list"......lol.
      I hope every one's week is treating them well.

      Cyndi <madisonandjustinsmommy@...> wrote:
      Thanks for letting me in the group and I am looking forward to meeting
      everyone or at least getting to know everyone a little better!!! My
      husband and I are going to be painting the inside of our home all
      weekend.... Thank god!! I dont think our house has been painted in
      probably ten yrs LOL!! Anyway, it was nice meeting everyone and looking
      forward to getting to know everyone.... . Cyndi

      Dare to be unique!
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