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  • hippychic
    Jul 30, 2007
      Happy Monday to you!  I hope the week has started out well for you.  My name is angela and this group is kinda my brain child, however I have somewhat neglected getting it off the ground.  I am very glad to see you here because my vision is for us to come together as neighbors, communities, and people to help each other in any way we can.
      Now to tell you a little about myself.  I am a 41 year-old wife/working mom of four children ranging in ages 25 - 2.  <yes, I am insane, and I am blessed at the same time>  I have three boys sandwiching a sweet girl of seven and my last little guy, who just turned two and a half, has shown me that each child is definitely an individual......
      One thing for certain in juggling carreer, marriage, and kids...........there is not enough time in the day to get everything I either need or want to do finished by the time my body collapses somewhere in a corner!  I am sure you have the same problems balancing school, marriage, and kids.  Have any secrets you want to share?  Do you know about Freecycle or Flylady?  Do you use coupons or competitor ads for grocery shopping?  Do you embrace your budget or throw it into the wind just hoping the powers that be keep you out of the poor house?
      I am in the middle of about two zillion projects at home ranging from organizing finances to hanging shelves in the playroom.  I have decided that as soon as the FDA approves human cloning I am first in line regardless of cost or consequences..........
      Welcome to the "small" group, and again, I hope your week treats you well.

      Cyndi <madisonandjustinsmommy@...> wrote:
      My name is Cyndi. I'm 26, married with a 1 yr old boy & a 2 yr old
      girl. I attend OCCC majoring in ele. ed...Thanks, Cyndi

      Dare to be unique!
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