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NCHF, Steve-O's and More beer

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  • Andrew Carroll
      Hey guys,  Just wanted to throw out a few things-    For those of you who are dues paying club members, I now ( finally ) have official member cards
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2012
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        Hey guys,  Just wanted to throw out a few things-
         For those of you who are dues paying club members, I now ( finally ) have official member cards that you will need in order to recieve a discount at more beer. They have been very cool about giving people a discount that say they are " in a club " and  have been getting repremanded from management. If you plan to be purchasing anything at morebeer, make sure that you have one of these. I can get these to you or you can stop by and pick em up. Just let me know. Thanks.
         Two really FUN events that are coming up...
         Steveo's Birthday Bash
       I have mentioned this many times, I know, but it is a must do. Every year in July, Roger's next door neighbor, Steve-O has a huge party with many live bands, much BBQ, mucho margaritas, and of course BEER! Roger and I ( and others? ) will be setting up the jockey boxES and pouring homebrew. it is pretty much an all day event and it is free. Set aside Sat, July the 14th and we'll see you there! let me know if you have questions or want directions. ( Santa teresa/ Bernal area ) Headquarters members and friends welcome.
         Northern California Homebrew Festival (NCHF)  aka BEERCAMP-
        I will put out a more informative e-mail about this event, but just wanted to let you guys know that tickets go on sale July 1st. They will sell out quickly. This is one of the premere homebrew events of the year.
      ( short version )- Two days of managerie, comeraderie and drinking. A ticket includes a campsite and all you can drink Friday night and Saturday. Friday is the 'Hoppy Hour" meet & greet and a beer and food pairing dinner (extra$)  for those who are interested. For those that don't attend the dinner ( I won't ), head over to Roger's cabin for the "in"famous pot luck! Saturday there will be some 30 clubs from California and beyond pouring their finest beer. Every year there is a theme and this year it is "Founding Fathers" This will be interpreted in some creative  and idiodic ways.
      This will be my fourth year attending and I wouldn't miss it for anything. Some of you expressed interest in setting up a Headquarters booth, We can discuss this possibility depending on attendence and participation. There are also cabins available ( if your not a camper ) for extra cost ( kinda pricey )but they are worth it on a hazy Sunday. Tickets are about $45 for the weekend. I highly recommend it! for more info check out http://www.nchfinfo.org/.  Let me know if you have any questions.       -CHEERS!
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