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April meeting minutes

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  • ocarroll85
    Hey guys- Thanks to those who attended April s meeting Here s some of the details- Special brew project I will be purchasing a bag of Rye malt to distribute to
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      Hey guys-

      Thanks to those who attended April's meeting Here's some of the details-

      Special brew project

      I will be purchasing a bag of Rye malt to distribute to those who would like to participate and brew a Rye beer. The idea is that you come up with a recipe showcasing the Rye malt in the style of your choosing. Rye can work well in many styles so, the possibilities are endless. Also, at a later date we will gather the bunch of Rye beers for an evaluation/judging and see what we come up with. Maybe prizes? Thoughts?

      May Brew In

      We will be having the brew in ( finally ) at my house (driveway) on Sat May 26th. This will be instead of the regularly scheduled meeting. Basically we just hang out, sample beers, and BREW! If you would like to brew please let me know as soon as possible so we can sort out the space details. If you would just like to stop by, that's cool too. The more the merrier. If you could just try to give me a heads up it would help out as far as getting snacks and stuff. Trust me there will be plenty of beer! ( I will be passing out he rye malt at the brew in )


      I will be taking orders for club T-shirts. They will be availiable for purchase for $20 each for all sizes. The profit of a couple dollars per shirt will be going straight back to club funds. I have a prototype that people have been happy with. I have about ten people who are interested so far so let me know by the Brew in date, cuz I will be ordering them shortly after. I will send out a picture of the shirt soon.

      Upcoming comps

      * California State Fair Homebrew Competition - Entry Deadline - Wednesday, May 2nd. $10 entry http://www.bigfun.org/competitions-awards/wine-beer/

      * Hangar 24 Homebrew Competition - Entry Deadline 5/5 - $5/entry. No local drop-offs: http://www.hangar24brewery.com/homebrew.htm
      * BABO (@ Alameda County Fair) - Entry Deadline 5/23 - More Beer Los Altos pickup (plus many others) - $7 entry: http://draughtboard.org/babo2012/htdocs/Announcement.php
      * Napa Homebrew Challenge - Entry Deadline 5/19. http://www.bungbrewers.com/ - $7 entry
      * San Mateo Couny Fair - Entry registration deadline 5/9, Entry dropoff deadline 5/29-5/30 or MoreBeer Los Altos by 5/26. https://www.sanmateocountyfair.com/images/stories/pageImages/sm_brew12.jpg


      Alaskan black IPA- super roasty, strong coffee, chocolate, herbal/floral hops. Grant said more "stoutlike" than IPA.

      Lagunitas maximus- Dank, full bodied. really nice. Pat thought it was like sticking your head in a fresh bag of wet hops.

      Victory golden monkey Tripel- super fruity well made beer. Pat said it tasted like a traditional Belgian beer and not just a yankee "Belgian style ale" I agreed.

      Rochefort 10- raisins in the nose. It had flavors of caramel with a creamy mouthfeel. we also noticed an interesting astringency that was wine like, tannins.

      Flying Dog Wild dog (barrel aged Gonzo)- this was bold. Not as good as I remember it being. It had hints of booze, oak and chocolate. Did I mention booze?

      Thanks again to those who came and brought beer. Again, there will be no meeting next month because of the brew in.. Hope to see you all there! feel free to email or call if you have any questions.

      Brew in address
      660 Monica ln
      Campbell 95008 CHEERS!-Andy
      Cell 408 480 2008
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