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  • Andrew Carroll
        What s up gang?    Happy belated St. Pattys!  Sorry for the long and boring E-mail. Here it goes...    Club shwag I am in the process of getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2012
          What's up gang?
         Happy belated St. Pattys!  Sorry for the long and boring E-mail. Here it goes...
         Club shwag
      I am in the process of getting some things together to get the club name out there. Those of you who attended, saw the first edition of the T-shirts, for those that are interested in buying a T-shirt, they will be on the order of $20. All profit goes back to the club funds (only a couple bucks a shirt). I will be collecting info on size and quantity at the April meeting, If your not going to make to the next meeting and want a shirt, let me know your size by then and I will mark you down. Also, I ordered business cards for the club so we can meet and greet at the many activities/ festivals/ bars, and hand out our info. This can help us get The Headquarters familiar around the area and generally promote the club. I have also made stickers and am currently working on a banner. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions or advice.
       We are officially recognized by the AHA as a registered homebrew club! That being said, I would like to get some form of a website up for the club sometime this year. If anyone has experience or knows how to make this happen as easily and cheaply (free) as possible please let me know and we'll see what our options are. This is definitely not my expertise so any info is helpful.
         Brew in
       The brew in is rescheduled for May. I believe the weather shouldn't be as much of a factor and it will give more people a chance to prepare to brew than April. It will probably be the third Sat (the 19th) instead of the meeting. For now the exact date is in the air so let me know if this will work best for everyone.
          World cup of beer
        Entry deadline is March 24
        Final judging is April 14th @ Linden st. brewery in Oakland
          Potential HQ events
        We tossed around some ideas about some things that the club could be involved with this year-
                *Special ingredient brew project- We are all given the same particular ingredient and are set to brew the best beer we can to the style of our choosing, and then present/judge them together at a later date. 
                *Brew & Que-  Just a big BBQ with a flowing jockey box and/or the beer from our special ingredient project. How does 4th of July sound?
                *End of the year party- Maybe secret santa with commercial beers, A cellar swap meet, Fun/nonsense awards for club members in different categories,(least attending member, etc)
                *A homebrew event in collaboration with a local bar/ brewery- Maybe have our beers on tap on a jockey box at a bar ( like The Good Karma, or The Wine Affairs ) for a "meet the Headquarters" homebrew event. It could be good promotion for both parties. 
         Let me know what you guys think or if you have any other ideas about what you want to see happen this year.
        Smoked beers presentation
        I presented the Shlenkerla German Rauchbier. The intention was to show the characteristics of the "special" smoked malt and how it could be used in a variety of beer styles. I pitched the idea that, as a club, we could purchase a bag of smoked malt and disperse it to those who want to participate in brewing a smoked beer. Each brewer would use the smoked malt however they chose to brew any style of beer they wanted. At a later meeting we could all present the beers we made in sort of an "in club competition / judging". There could be prizes for people's choice.
         This could be done with any other ingredients as well. In fact, meeting attendees almost all agreed that a malt they would like to brew with was Rye. Rye is another versatile malt that can work in many beer styles. Rye sounds like an excellent candidate for the project, What do you think? Is there another ingredient that you would like to see us do this with? Would this be something you would like to participate in? Let us know! If enough people are interested, we will decide next meeting. 
         Mystery beer
        This month's mystery beer was rich, malty and reddish. It had bready/biscuit aromas and some sweetness in the taste. Brian B. had mentioned maybe Belgian yeastiness while Chris thought it was more British seeming or maybe even scottish. Some toffee was found as well. Medium alcohol was detected. The verdict, a Scottish Wee Heavy. (Belhaven). Good job guys.
        First we had Chris' Hazelnut Porter- He had mentioned there was something in it he didn't care for. He said that he used 'Hazelnut butter" to get the flavors and aromas he was looking for. I had made a H.P. before and was very unhappy with the result. I used hazelnut extract for mine. Never again. I told Chris I didn't think that the base beer was bad but, the special ingredient was giving some undesirable flavors. It was roasty, metallic, phenolic and astringent. Brian B. was certain that it was like a roasted, smoked meat. Again, the underlying beer wasn't that bad. This is not the easiest beer to brew! Thanx Chris.
         Next we had Brian's American brown- We found it balanced yet slightly astringent. It's light body was deceptive for its alcohol content of 6. something%. Good beer Brian! 
        Brian also shared an IPA- Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo, and some others I think I forgot. It was very fruity, especially in the nose. there was a lingering bitterness. Chris said that he thought it was Acidic. Overall, pretty nice beer. 
         Commercial beer
        I busted out a growler of Blind Pig- This was fresh tasting. It had a great drikability. Citrus and tropical notes. Brian especially loved this one.
        I busted out another growler. Pliny the Elder-This was also very fresh tasting. Piny. You could get a sense of the alcohol content next to the blind pig. Definitely not as much tropical or citrus notes in the aroma as the Pig. Always a good decision.
        I shared a collaboration beer from Stone, Bear Republic, and Fatheads. TBA- This was a hoppy brown ale. It was pretty balanced and very drinkable. Chris had pointed out a definite orangeiness. As the beer warmed, it exploded with the flavor and aroma of fresh oranges. Interesting.
        My wife insisted we open the Straffe Hendrik Quad- This is one of her new favorites. Chocolate, raisins and wonderful dark candi flavors. Amber pretty much killed the bottle.
        We opened Ballast Point Victory at Sea- Another of Amber's favorites. Pat agreed this was a great beer. It had a rich texture and a strong flavors of vanilla and coffee. Awesome. Amber pretty much killed the bottle.
        I think we opened the Brouwerj West Tripple- Bottled in San Jose. It was lacking the big traditional belgian Trippel flavors but Brian agreed it was pretty easy to drink and not as bad as some of the other beers that come out of San Jose.
       Thanks to everyone who attended and brought beer. The next meeting will be Sat April 21st at my house. See you there!
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