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  • Andrew Carroll
        Hey gang,    Thanks to those who attended the March meeting,...there was a lot of beer.    OUR CLUB   Jeff gave us a mini presentation on what the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2013
        Hey gang,
       Thanks to those who attended the March meeting,...there was a lot of beer.
       OUR CLUB
      Jeff gave us a mini presentation on what the new club workshirts look like as well as the website. The final details are still being worked out on both, but members seemed impressed with the progress. Thank you Jeff and Jim for taking on these projects. We will have an update on where we are at with both items next meeting.
       Jim has volunteered to host our spring 'brew in' at his house on May 18th. The purpose of the 'brew in' is to get members and friends together to brew individual batches of beer and hang out at one location. We will have snacks and of course beer.
       If you would like to bring your brewing setup and brew with us, please let me know in the next few weeks so we can get a sense of attendence. If you don't want to brew, but want to hang out you are more than welcome. If you can, please bring a beer or snack to share. If anyone has kegs they would like to serve, I can setup the jockeybox (3 taps).
      BABO- Entries accepted at more beer until 4/26. must register online and have a  paypal account.
      SMCF- Entries accepted at more beer untill 5/25. must register online.
      It is never too early to start thinking about our plans for our club booth. For those of you who plan on attending, We should start thinking about preperations and throwing around some 'realistic' and affordable ideas. Everyone should plan on attending. : )
      This months mystery beer was dark and very deceptive. I will say that even though this beer was a classic example of the style, this was not the best bottle. That being said you guys did a good job.
      Chris started with saying that it was creamy, almost milky.
      Andy agreed it had creaminess but it was mild and had a little sweetness to it. Like a doppelbock with no lager characteristics.
      Jeff thought he picked up some smoky or roastiness and that it could be German.
      Brian noted roast not smoke and decided it could be German and definitely not a Belgian.
      Charlie tasted some sweetness and hints of some dark/stonefruit.
      Grant fount it to be roasty and very maltcentric with low hops.
      SAM SMITH'S OATMEAL STOUT!- This had some slight fruit, a little harshness, slight metallic and the flavors just didn't harmonize. This is probably the worst that I have had it. Sorry guys, better luck next month.
       Andy's Baltic porter-
       Jeff picked up a little dusty or mustiness. Andy said this had some age. It was slightly roasty and creamy with some ruby hues, pretty color. Most people liked it.
       Brian's 'belgian pale'-
      Huge tropical nose, leads to tart grapefruit in the flavor. This was very dry and light bodied. There was a lot of fruit complexity from the American hops he added. More carbonation would have helped this beer, but brian explained that the low carbonation and head retention was because he had just filed all of his bottles from his keg before he came.
      Brian's IPA-
       This was super phenolic, rubbery and soapy in the flavor. It had an opaque cream color. I noted a lot of onion in the flavor which was interesting, but I couldn't get anyone else to take another sip. Sorry Brian, we will try and forget about this beer. It is still not as bad as my worst though!
      Chris' IPA-
      Earthy and a slight mustiness, some oxidation notes. Citrusy and sweet in the aroma leads into harsh, lingering bitterness in the taste. Not bad overall though.
       Brian's American Brown-
      Hops have died since last time we tried this beer, but it has good malt complexity and a nice balance leaning toward roasty. slightly lingering.
       My IIPA-
      some mustiness and pear in the aroma. This does not have the right amount of hops for a west coast Imperial IPA. It was better in the keg. some thought the hop flavors 'popped'.
      Jim's IIPA-
      This was an attempt at a pliny clone. It had great subtle fruit, ctrus, melon aroma. There was a mid palate earthiness or mineraliness. overall not a bad beer. All of our IPA's had some of the same characteristics and we had come up with maybe a city water/ mineral content issue.
      My barleywine-
       There was some prune, raisin notes. someone stated late harvest fruit. Raisin bread. this was undercarbonated and a little on the sweet side. Jeff said it was not hot at all for 9.6%
       We had a good amount of beers so my notes are spotty, but there was a common theme.....mediocre.
       Drake's Jolly roger- single dimensional, not enjoyable and luscious as a barleywine or any Drake's product should be.
       DFHSN rhizing bines- very floral and earthy from the experimental hops, not good
      Hangar 24 IIPA- malty, lackluster, no hops
      New Belgium Rampant- bold flavors, single dimensional, ONION!
      Stone smoked porter- Not a lot of smoke, any smoke was more of the phenolic/less enjoyable smoke presence that this beer should have.
      Dogfish Head Immortale- Barleywine in the nose, super complex, sweet and oak in the finish. Charlie said it lets you know that it's 11%. My favorite commercial beer of the night.
      Sierra Nevada Hoptimum- Grant had held onto this bottle for at least a few months and it started to show signs of age and some kind of barleywine characteristics. Not the huge hop punch yopu would expect from hoptimum, but it did round out some of the edges though.
       Thanks again to those who attended and especially those who brought beer. See you at the next meeting!
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