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Re: [the_headquarters] Tunes...not beer related, really

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    [not beer related, ignore if you have no interest in downtemp electronic tunes]   Hey Andy and those interested, We talked about some downtempo electronic
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 22, 2013
      [not beer related, ignore if you have no interest in downtemp electronic tunes]
      Hey Andy and those interested,
      We talked about some downtempo electronic tunes in the last meeting and I found out my iphone notes file I'd been building up over a year or so was gone. I've since recovered it, so here it is:
      BTW I've been buiilding out this list for over a year from personal tunes/albums/artists I have had or known about either new or for some time, and some new stuff I've come across from listening to various stations on Pandora. The list starts out a bit more varied than just downtempo, I just thought they were really good chill tunes so added them:
      Tune List - Chill
      Radiohead - reckoner (in rainbows)
      The verve - Rather be (Forth)
      Ambrosia - holding on to yesterday
      Radiohead - meeting in the aisle (how am i driving EP)
      Pontiak - virgin guest (Living), instrumental
      Black Sabbath - planet caravan (paranoid)
      Theivery corp - bebel giberto (on versions)
      Dj Cam - gangsta shit ( mad blunted jazz)
      Richard Ashcroft - brave new world (alone with everybody)
      Jimmy hendrix - gently gently away
      Jimmy Heendrix - little wing (live)
      RJD2 - Ghostwriter
      Tosca - prolo ( natural high)
      Telepopmusik - Breathe
      Natalie Imbruglia - leave me alone
      Massive Attack - black milk (mezzanine)
      Richard ashcroft - break the night with color
      Tosca - f$$$k dub (parts 1 and 2)
      Dj shadow -  what does your soul look like (preemptive strike)
      All india radio - lo fi groovy
      Wax tailor - ungodly fruit
      Massive attack - angel
      Moby - porcelain (classic track)
      Dj shadow - midnight
      Tony D - piano grand (check mushroom jazz albums for the track)
      Sound Providers - the field
      Big muff - poppys song
      Mhshroom jazz stuff
      Portishead - glory box (live version is pretty good too)
      Massive Attack - teardrop
      Urban Species - brother (earthling bonus beats)
      Chaser - changing minds
      Moodorama - behind the scenes
      Telepopmusik Breathe
      FC Kahuna - Hatling
      Massive Attack - BlackMilk
      Thievery - Lebanese Blonde
      Funky Porcini - Long Road
      Nightmares on wax - humble
      The herbalizer - sensual women (herbal tonic version is a bit different to orig album i heard it on)
      Kid loco - flyin' on 747
      Shapeshifter - summer haze
      Veleura Perfect - Sunrise sunset
      Prefuse 73 - back in time
      The highend sound - after traffic
      Little People - Basque
      DJ Cam - A Loop
      The herbalizer - another mother
      Bonobo - Flutter (dial M for Monkey album)-this ones a bit more upbeat
      Bonobo - wayward bob
      Up, abustle and Out - silks perfume & gold
      Ulrich Shnauss - Moffsee
      Profuse 73 - storm returns
      Ralph meyers and the jack herron band - a special morning
      DJ Shadow - changeling 
      RJD2 - a beautiful mine
      Riton - put that on my momma
      Kid koala - bar hopper
      Tosca - rondo acaprecio
      Scuba P - hit and run (outbreak deeper mix)
      jawaba a shikwa - you are the light
      Groove armada - mary
      Dj shadow - mongrel meets his maker
      Dj cam - cantaloop island
      Amon tobin - easy muffin
      Thunderball - stereo tonic
      Herbalizer - unsungsong
      Gerd - seduce me
      Bonobo - noctuary
      Ralph meyers and the jack herron band - nikita
      The Avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
      The herbalizer - moon sequence
      Sound providers - the field
      Thievery - trancendence
      Rjd2 - all for you
      Mr. Electric triangle - bossa nova
      Jaywalkers - that time of day again (mushroom jazz 2)
      B. Fleischmann - composure
      DJ Shadow - fixed income
      Rae and Christian - swimming pool
      Air - Les Professionels
      Boozoo bajou - yma
      Dj Cam - california dreamin
      Thievery - shadows of ourselves
      St. Germain - sure thing
      Morcheeba - post houmous
      The herbalizer - put it on tape
      Thirvery - the mirror conspiracy
      Herbalizer - if you close uour eyes
      Tosca - Doris Dub
      Villain accellerate - mind of gold
      Sinewave - star tripping
      Funki porcini - long road
      Dj Cam - bronx theme
      J-Boogies Dubtronic science - le sengra
      Theivery - Indra
      Dj Smash - naked city
      Dj Presto - relax your mind
      Moss - retread lightly (chill out lounge vol2)
      Zero 7 - red dust
      Josh one - after hours (grey skies ep)
      Crazy Penis - 3 play it cool
      Herbalizer - the missing suitcase ( also diff version on 'herbal tonic')
      silks perfume and gold - up bustle and out
      Fluid motion - lost and found
      Jeff sharrell - afrocosmic drums
      Emo - i want my love (dub)
      TJ Rehmi - asmaaniac
      Tosca - bass f**k
      Maker - lost at last
      Dj Tonk - one day (instrumental)
      Wax Tailor - ungodly fruit
      Zero 7- in the waiting line
      Layo and bushwacka - sleepy language
      General midi - the eastoner
      The d ining room - numero deux
      Dj shadow - in flux
      Symbion project - soft tempest
      Dj shadow - six days
      Mike boo - cantrac
      Saru - something stronger
      Prefuse 73 - afternoon love-in
      Platonic - alternate thursday
      Elvisa - beatnut (3Cd set, 'st. Germain: destination paris')
      Bonobo - days to come (instrumental)
      The opus - i come in peace
      Depeche mode - dream on (dave clark acoustic remix)
      William orbit - you know too much about flying
      Hooverphonic - 2 wicky
      Th ievery corp - Omid
      Ulrich Schnauss - molfsee
      Villain Accelerate - when i was your age
      Dirty Gold - california sunrise
      The lushlife - budapest eskimos
      Ian Pooley - stoneybridge Terrace
      Future rhythm foundation - soul dredging
      Boards of canada - Dayvan Cowboy
      Groove Armada - edge hill (moonlight mix, may have something to do with the tomb raider movie)
      Albums/mixes to check out:
      The best of 15 years Supperclub album 2 cd
      saint-germain des-pres cafe paris
        - 10 cd bix set, nu jazz
      The chill lounge vol3
      Mr. Electric Triangle - bossa nova
       Croatia The Opening 2009 Chill Out
      Artists/albums to add:
       theivery Corporation
      The Orb
      Aphex Twin
      Tosca (f--k dub, suzuki, among other albums)
      Mushroom jazz
      Dj shadow
      Nightmares on wax
      Ninja tunes
      Sneaker pimps
      Brian eno
      Art of noise?
      Boozoo bajou - check out
            - Night over manaus
      Dabrye - check it out
      St. germain
      Zero 7
      J-Boogies Dubtronic science
      Beastie boys in sounds
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      Hey everyone, Sorry for the late notice, but the next board meeting for the Coop is today, 5pm at Harry s Hoffbrau.  It s in the back event room.   It will
      Message 2 of 3 , Mar 23, 2013
        Hey everyone,
        Sorry for the late notice, but the next board meeting for the Coop is today, 5pm at Harry's Hoffbrau.  It's in the back event room.
        It will mostly be board meeting agenda and the sub-committee's reporting in on what they have been doing and requests for budget/etc, so probably not too exciting or specifically informative about the Coop. If you want to know more about the Coop in general it's probably best to come to one of our next events and/or checking out our online medai sites. We'll be aiming to put these events on monthly.

        We're hosting our next event at Original Gravity April 13th 2-4pm. No entrance fee, purchase whatever beers you like from the bar. There will be a short talk about the Coop. Cali Craft is coming and will be bringing some special beers. I'm not sure yet if they are giving away free samples or not. 
        For more info:
        Join our meetup group:
        I know not everyone is interested in this project, or maybe no one, so I will send out info if everyone's interested or stop if no one's interested!-) I don't mean to use the club as a means to push the Coop, it's just something I'm doing outside the club that's beer related so I'm sharing with everyone.
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