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San Mateo County Fair (SMCF) homebrew competition volunteers needed

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  • Andrew Carroll
      Thanks for the info Roger,    I am sure there are a couple people that are interested in helping out! We are ramping up for the San Mateo County Fair
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2013
      Thanks for the info Roger,
       I am sure there are a couple people that are interested in helping out!

      We are ramping up for the San Mateo County Fair homebrew competition.

      Let me know if you can help with any of the following.
      Volunteers to collect entries from the following drop-off locations the Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend (May 25). These people must collect all the homebrew entries from one of the following drop-off locations, then transport the entries to the San Mateo Exhibit Center so we can process the entries.      San Mateo County Event Center‎      2495 South Delaware Street      San Mateo, CA 94403      (650) 574-3247      https://www.sanmateocountyfair.com/fair-info/fair-info/getting-here
      1. From The Good Brewer homebrew supply store in Livermore.
        If you've never been to the legendary Perry's Liquors, this maybe a good opportunity to check out Perry's.

      2. From MORE BEER in Concord.
        If you've never visited, you will be amazed at the inventory on display.  The store also sells some unusual and hard to get bottled beers.
        You could also check out Monument Wine & Spirits, another fine bottled beer retailer.

      3. From MORE BEER in Los Altos.

      8-10 volunteers to process the received entries Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (May 25) at the San Mateo Exhibit Center.
      Plan on arriving around 10am.
      Tasks will include putting bottle cap labels on entries and sorting the bottles by category.
      We will likely be there until 4pm.
      We also need cases/boxes and 6 pack carrier totes.
      These case boxes and 6 pack carrying totes must accomodate long neck bottles.
      A list of acceptable brands is at the end of this e-mail.
      Please bring them to the next Grain Trust meeting you attend.

      Let me know if any questions or if you can help,
      Roger St. Denis,
      SMCF Homebrew Competition Coordinator.
      http://www.beercomps.org/ The following is a list of acceptable case box and 6-pack carrior totes.
      • Old Faithful (Grand Teton Brewing Company)
      • Mission St (Steinhaus Brewing Co)
      • Humboldt Brewing
      • Trader Joes
      • Mendocino
      • Sequoia
      • Lagunitas
      • Flying Dog
      • Gordon Biersch
      • Bear Republic
      • Nectar Ales
      • Black Dog ( Spanish Peaks Brewing Company)
      • Black Diamond
      • Kona
      • Karl Strauss
      • Sam Adams
      • Farm House
      • Speak Easy
      • The Legend Brewing Company
      • Big Sky
      • Paulaner
      • Mother Ship (New Belgium Brewing Inc)
      • Drakes
      • Stone
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