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  • Andrew Carroll
      Thanks to everyone who attended the first club meeting. There is a lot of potential this year for the club and it all depends on how much we want to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2013
        Thanks to everyone who attended the first club meeting. There is a lot of potential this year for the club and it all depends on how much we want to be involved. Also, if you didn't get a chance to get in your club dues, there is always next month. Thanks to those who did.
       World cup of beer ( Bay area Mashers )
        entry window 2/1 - 2/16
        final judging @Linden St. brewery 3/16
       National Homebrew comp. ( AHA )
        must register online by 1pm on 2/26
        entry window March 18th - 27th
        BABO ( Draught Board )
        San Mateo county fair ( The Grain Trust )
       more info on these comps in the coming months
      - You can help judge or steward all of these comps, The organizers are always looking for more help and it is a great way to learn more about the judging process and evaluating beer, and you could make some great contacts.
      * If you enter a comp under the Headquarters name and take a ribbon, you will be reimbursed from the club for your entry fee!
      S.F Beer Week- 100's of events throughout the bay area.  more info at www.sfbeerweek.org/
       -A few of us will be making the yearly trip up to Hayward to the Bistro's Double I.P.A. festival! Let me know if you are interested. Feb 9th
      The Brewing Network Winterbrews fest- commercial beer plus 'homebrew alley'. Tickets and info at http://wbf2013.eventbrite.com/#
       We talked briefly about some potential events to be involved with or set up this year...
       -Club brew in- Jim has volunteered his place for a spring 'brew in' where we can bring our brewing setups and have at it.. Date TBD. (April/May ish)
       -Bus pub crawl- Do as many have done in the past and head north to some of the best local brews around! We could charter a bus for the day and travel to a few world class breweries. This would end up costing somewhere around $35 - $45 a person, if we can get people interested.
       -Steve-o's- Every year Roger's neighbor turns another year older and celebrates with a bang... 7-8 live bands, Margaritas, BBQ, and about Ten homebrewed beers on tap! This will be my 5th year and I wouldn't miss it for the world. This is an all day event in south San Jose. save the date, July 13th!
       -NCHF- The Northern California Homebrewers Festival. This is another one not to be missed! About 30 clubs, 300 homebrewers and all kinds of mayhem. Some call it 'beercamp'. Two days of camping, sampling hundreds of homebrews and finding yourself in the sierra foothills. The theme is- Space: the final beer frontier http://www.nchfinfo.org/
       - Trip to the Tourist Club- A club outing to just over the Golden Gate to a German 'rest stop' on top of a mountain! Chris had mentioned this a while back and it has intrigued me ever since. You have to pack in your own food but they have cold beers for weary travelers. Apparently it is only available to groups no bigger than 7. http://www.touristclubsf.org/
       - Beer and food pairing- An in club competition to see who can match the perfect beer with the perfect dish! How about belgian quad chocolate truffles, smoked porter and salmon, or bacon pancakes with brown ale?
       -November/ Decemberfest- The end of the year celebration couldn't have been better. Amazing aged beers and great food. We really made it happen! Lets do it again next year. November or December? 
       -Bar collaboration for SF Beerweek 2014- This could be a great way to get the club name out to the southbay while generating some funds for the treasury. The idea is that we set up a 'meet the brewers' event at a local bar/brewery and pour our homebrew alongside the bar and describe and chat about brewing to the people!
      OUR CLUB
       -We touched on setting up a website for the club. Something simple yet effective. I believe Jeff and Jim are looking into this, We will look for an update in February sometime.
       -I would like to order Dickies work shirts with the club logo on them. Some of the other clubs have these and they look really slick as well as being high quality. They also really make a staement at events that we set up as a club when we all show up wearing them. Jeff is checking out pricing and vendors. We will have more info on these in the near future. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one.
       -We are looking into ordering some mini imperial pint taster glasses with the club logo etched. Jeff showed us some examples and they look awesome. More info on these soon. Again, let me know if you are interested in purchasing one/some. As with the shirts, the more we order the better the deal. ( typically ) 
      - I am going to get some decals/stickers made up and maybe some more business cards with the new website on them in the next few months. These will be passed out to all......( dues paing members) jk.
       This months beer was light in color but complex in flavor. A lot going on.
       Jim thought maybe a saison.
       Andy said it seemed Belgian and sweet in the finish.
       Pat tasted clove and noted good clarity.
       Jeff thought it had some bubblegum notes and tasted of pilsner malt.
       Jim also noted clove, but with orange.
       Brian who came in late, had a private sampling of the M.B. He said, "Belgian Blonde?"
       BINGO! It was in fact a belgian blonde. Leffe, a classic.
       Good job narrowing down the flavors and aromas guys, better luck next time.
       Jeff's 2 hearted clone-
      Jeff noted he wasn't really pleased with the flavor, a slight earthy and metallic aftertaste. It finished very dry and of course leaned toward the hops (all centennial) It was pretty bitter (lingering) and not balanced well, but it had good clarity and color and not a really bad beer. Thanks Jeff
       Brian's wit with pilsner-
       This was nice, a big coriander nose but a little sweet in the finish. Carbonation was minimal. We agreed that if itf this had more carbonation, it would be easy to kill a couple of pints! Thanks Brian
      Andy's doppelbock-
       This was also nice. A little sweet but not overpowering. lots of fruit! Pat pointed out Raisin, Brian said apricot. It was slightly roasty, complex, and clean. I noticed some soy sauce flavors, but in a good way if you can imagine. Great beer, thanks for sharing Andy!
      Brian's session pale-
      This had equal parts simcoe and amarillo and it showed. Big hop aroma, but only 4.8%. Pat was getting a big tangerine nose, while others were getting resin/piney. I found both evident in flavor and aroma. Reminded me of Lagunitas daytime. I kinda liked it. Thanks Brian 
      Brian's American Brown-
      He called it the "kitchen sink" because of all of the random hops in it, but I think they worked well together. About 7%, Big roasty flavors and nice chocolate aromas. It had a slight silkiness and easy drinkability to it. Most of us really enjoyed this one. I would pay for a pint! Thanks brian
      My Hop Red Rye ale-
      This was an attempt at a west coast red ale with rye. The rye only comes through as a very subtle spicyness, Jeff noted some pepper notes and sweet in finish. Andy thought it was deceptive for an 8% beer and sweet, but not cloyingly sweet. I just think it has a really big caramel nose and it could be aged a while. Hope it helps.
       Bottle from belgium. This was strong with a lot of fresh fruit like apples and pears. A nice spice and some alcohol heat. very complex. oh yeah, did I mention 12%
       Nice chocolate and coffee, roasty flavors. silky, big bodied and smooth. pretty well balanced.
       Alesmith IPA-
       This was full of pine, citrus and resin. Nice malt backbone and good bitterness, Strong hop aroma. definitely west coast style. This is one of my favorite IPAs.
       This was dissapointing. Usually bursting with huge tropical fruit aromas and citrus flavors. This bottle was mainly bitter and somewhat dull. Still descent DIPA, but a dissapointment to loyal followers.
       This is the collaboration between Sam Adams and Weinenstephen. This bottle had been in my fridge for over a year. It was very carbonic, very tart, and had an unusually odd aroma. very cidery. Flavors didn't seem to work well at all.
       Thanks again to those who showed up, paid dues and brought beer. Let me know what types of events you are interested in so we can concentrate our efforts onto a few of them.
       See you guys at the next meeting!
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