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NCHFf and Fall events

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  • Andrew Carroll
          Hey Gang-      Just wanted to throw out a couple of things-    First I want to give a big thank you to everyone who attended and helped out at
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2012
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        Hey Gang-
         Just wanted to throw out a couple of things-
       First I want to give a big thank you to everyone who attended and helped out at NCHF!
       It was a group effort and everybody really came together and pitched in. There were a lot of positive comments about the beers and especially the NACHOS! It was one of the better years I can remember, of course I can't remember all of them! You should all be proud of our first NCHF as a club, we made a great showing. The shirts were especially awesome.
       Next year on the other hand...
      A couple of us have been throwing around ideas for next years theme- "space : The final beer frontier".
      If we are going to do anything, then we may as well go all out, and I want to win best booth! The most fun and I believe most original idea is to set up the booth to sort of recreate the 1947 alien crash landing at Roswell, New Mexico. we talked about...
      - setting up half crashed into ground or booth "classic" flying saucer
      - Cautioning off area with 'danger' and no 'trespassing'
      - Neon ooze with alien footprints leaving or entering booth, blacklights, dry ice
      -Having the serving table be an autopsy table with the jockey box sort of in the chest of the alien
      -Alien 'puppets' could have hop shaped heads and reside on the planet Lupilin Alpha 8
        Just some thoughts to get the wheels turning. What do you guys think?
      I also just solidified a spot at an upcoming festival in San Jose!
       I will be setting up the club booth and be doing a homebrewing demo at an event called 'Take flight for kids'
      I know it sounds wierd to present beer at an event to benefit underpriveledged and troubled children, but thats what were all about at the Headquarters,... And someone asked if I could set up a booth.
      Anyway, if anyone would like to participate and talk about beer and brewing with about a thousand people let me know. It will take place on Saturday October 13th from 9am till 5pm. I figure it will be good PR for the club and help get on name further on the map!
       I am planning to brew a couple BIG beers with the Rye Malt coming up soon. I think I may turn a meeting day into a brew day if people are inerested. We could make it a club brew and our members could all have a hand in brewing a ten gallon batch of...Rye Barleywine, Triple Rye IPA, Rye Belgian tripel, Dark Strong,etc.
       What would you want to brew?
       That is all for now. Hope all is well and see you guys soon!  
        - Andy
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