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286Lagunitas Tap Takeover July 31

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  • Brian Baker
    Jul 7, 2013

      Hello Headquarters,

      You can create a new beer bar in Los Gatos! Here’s how: on Wednesday of Silicon Valley Beer Week, July 31, I’m helping Mountain Charley’s Saloon in Los Gatos host a Lagunitas Tap Takeover with a minimum of 6 different Lagunitas brews on tap.

      I know you might be thinking “been there, done that”. However, your attendance at this event is crucial: long story short, Mountain Charley’s, even though they have 18 taps, isn’t really focused on craft beer. I’ve convinced the owner to put on this event as a “trial run” to show him how much the craft beer scene is thriving right now. If this event has a good showing, you can expect Mountain Charley’s to significantly improve their beer offerings and host many more beer events in the future. If not, those 18 taps will keep pouring Blue Moon and Bud Light.

      So, come have a pint of some fresh Lagunitas on tap, talk really loudly in front of the owner and bartenders about how much you love craft beer, and there just might be a new spot serving great beer before you know it!

      Here is a link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/515459108522377/

      If you have any questions about the event, feel free to email me at brianbaker49@....