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265Re: [the_headquarters] HQ APRIL meeting minutes

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  • Jeff Achtzehn
    May 6, 2013
      Thanks Andy!

      Guys, I will be at the brew-in but am not planning on brewing. I think Andy mentioned to me that someone was looking to borrow some equipment, so I'll bring my stuff. Only thing I can't lend are my carboys since I'm planning on brewing in one of the subsequent weeks to the brew-in. Guess that means I'll be bring my kettle, burner, propane, mash tun, immersion chiller, and other odds & ends. 


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      Subject: [the_headquarters] HQ APRIL meeting minutes

       Hey everyone, here is what happened in April...
          So, we started the meeting with a casual presentation on six different hop varietals. Chris and I infused lager with hop pellets about a week prior to opening. Chris also made some cool placemats for tasting notes.
        There was a lot of interesting discussions about what each other was picking up and how the hop varieties seemed to have changed over time. This is what we got:
       CITRA-  fruit stand, melon, strawberry, passionfruit, apple
       RAKAU-  over ripe pit fruit, dried apricots, prunes, peach rings
       MOTUEKA-  sweet citrus, lemon-lime, mountain dew, lemongrass
       SIMCOE-  tropical fruit, pineapple, melon, mango
       CALYPSO-  cheesy, wet dog, plastic, cooked apples
       MOSAIC-  grassy, resin, pine, tar, dank
        Some samples were easier to detect than others but, it was fun to see and hear the different perceptions. I think we will try to set up another tatsing in the future with different hops but, maybe change the presentation format around a bit. All in all I think it was a success. Thanks again Chris for helping set this up!
       THE BREW IN -
       The HQ club brew in will be held at my house on Saturday May 18th.
       Again, the plan is to get people to bring over their equipment and ingredients and brew a batch!
       I have at least 3-4 people that want to brew, so let me know if you are planning on brewing or just coming over to help drink beer so we can coordinate accordingly. I am planning on getting some pizzas but, feel free to bring a dish and / or beer to share. Also, if anyone wants to bring a keg or three, I can set up the jockey box. Let me know if you have any questions.
       Chris' american bitter-
      with simcoe and amarillo, light bodied with toffee and caramel notes. about 3.5% not bad!
       Chris' american bitter#2-
       with amarillo and citra, this was percieved as drier with more fruitiness and lingering bitterness. both these beers had great clarity and were very sessionable. Thanks Chris.
       Grand teton double vision -
       this was pretty complex. really roasty but creamy. had a lot of bittersweet chocolate and black licorice. Thanks Ron.
       Napa cool brew -
       this had some nice aroma and some spice but that is about it. Chris and Brian agreed that this was the best juniper ale they had tasted in a while... or ever.
       Napa orgaic IPA -
      this beer had recieved top honors in the IPA category at GABF! It had nice fresh hop aroma but seemed like an 'old school' ipa.
       Ninkasi Allies won the war -
       Chris was getting the dates flavors, it was strong, roasty and had sort of an acidic twang.
       Ovila quad with plums -
       this was sort of a let down, more of a dubbel but really roasty. eh.
       Clown shoes Vampire slayer -
       This was a big syrupy roasty stout that brian said reminded him of chloraseptic.
       Palate wrecker -
       This was good but, not as good as it was when it first hit the market, chris thought it was a little harsh, yeah it was.
       Dogfish head olde school barleywine -
       Incredible. this beer is best described as ambrosia. it was full of dessert wine notes, toffee, caramel and most of all fresh fruitcake!
       Thanks to those who attended brought beer, hope to see you at the HEADQUARTERS BREW IN!!!

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