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"The Child of Thunder & Lightning" Pt. 7

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  • dswynne
    (Sorry for the delay, but with the holiday season, I was kinda busy. Anyway, parts 7 thru 10 will be posted today. Enjoy!) Meanwhile, on Paradise
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      (Sorry for the delay, but with the holiday
      season, I was kinda busy. Anyway, parts 7 thru 10 will be
      posted today. Enjoy!)<br><br>Meanwhile, on Paradise
      Island...<br><br>Princess Mary of Themiscrya was sitting on a bench
      overlooking the beach from the royal palace. Much has changed
      since she last sat there. She didn't know whether to be
      happy about knowing her true origins or not. If only
      life was still simple, Mary thought to herself. If
      only I could have done what I did without this hanging
      over me...<br><br>A week ago...<br><br>The "Rite of
      Ascension" was a time when young girls are tested to be
      worthy of being called "Amazon". Each candidate must be
      tested on athletics, academics, Amazon "tricks" (which
      includes gliding, "bullets and bracelets", etc.) and
      wilderness survival. So far all the candidates, including
      Mary and her best friend Drusilla (and, unfortunately,
      Beautia and Georgia Sivana as well), have passed most of
      the tests. Now, the candidates must be tested in
      wilderness survival, where they must prove that they could
      learn how to survive with very little. Each pair of
      girls would be accompanied by an evaluator; in this
      case, Donna (Mary's older sister) would be their
      evaluator.<br><br>Everyone gathered to the royal courtyard, where the
      last-minute instructions are to be given. From there, Magala
      would teleport the candidates to random locations
      throught the island's wilderness areas. While waiting for
      the event to begin, Mary and Drusilla got into yet
      another name-calling session with their rivals Beautia
      and Georgia.<br><br>"Well, at least I don't look like
      a Harpy!" yelled Drusilla.<br><br>"Hey, don't pick
      on my sister, you butt-kisser!" yelled back Beautia.
      Beautia knew how sensitive her younger sister was about
      her appearance.<br><br>"Will you two stop it?" Mary
      asked. "I got to look over this map, and I can't
      concentrate with you two yelling and stuff."<br><br>"I didn't
      start this Mary! Georgia did."<br><br>"Hey!" responded
      Georgia. "All I said was that _we_ will win this round,
      and you will not. We win. You loose.
      HA!"<br><br>"Will you four knock it off?!?" yelled 'Lyta. "You guys
      can't be left alone for a minute without getting into
      _it_."<br><br>"Well," began Beautia, "if you're good, why be humble.
      Besides, everyone knows that I look better than 'the
      little princess' here."<br><br>"And I'm smarter than
      Mary, too!" interjected Georgia.<br><br>"Yeah,
      whatever," responded Mary. "Hey, 'Lyta. Where's Donna? Isn't
      she suppose to go over what we are suppose to know
      before we begin?"<br><br>"That's why I'm here,"
      responded Fury. "Grandma needed her for something
      important, so she asked me to fill in for
      auntie."<br><br>"Great," said Drusilla. <br><br>"Hey! I'll have you know
      that I earned top marks when I went through my own
      'Rite of Ascension'."<br><br>"Perhaps, 'Lyta,"
      responded Mary. "But you gotta admit that you being Diana's
      daughter helped, right?"<br><br>"True. But I still had to
      learn how to use skill to overcome the obstacles that I
      faced, which helped me a lot when I became an
      Infinitor."<br><br>"I guess."<br><br>"Anyway, I gotta go over this
      stuff with you two for the wilderness survival
      exercise. So listen up..."<br><br>Meanwhile, Queen
      Hippolyta and Princess Donna was where in the queen's
      sanctum, where a new revealation was about to
      unfold.<br><br>"Donna," the queen began, "I know that we have not seen
      each other that often of late..."<br><br>"Yes,"
      responded Donna. "You haven't."<br><br>"But you do
      understand my reasons for it, right?"<br><br>"Yes, mother. I
      know that you are preparing Mary for her destiny and
      all. Still, you need not have taken me away as her
      trainer now of all times."<br><br>Sighing, Hippolyta
      continued.<br><br>"What I am about to show you will explain my reasons
      why I did so."<br><br>(To be continued)
    • The Time Trust
      Well, I know that the Sandman fought the Cheetah in Fashion for Dying. The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying by
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        Well, I know that the Sandman fought the Cheetah in "Fashion for Dying." The Sandman: 1943: Fashion for Dying

        I think there were supposed to be other stories dealing with the remaining foes, but they were never written.
        Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

        Read stories of your favorite DC Comics characters at the Five Earths Project!

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        Who were the villaisn recruited by Kil-Lor and Alexander? I have a list of the ones mentioned, but it is implied there were others (enough to battle the entire JSA), and we did not see all the society members battling villains in this story.

        The villains I know were members are the Archer, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, Face, Monk (and Dala), Gusaf Gilroy, Nuclear, and Rag Doll.

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