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Re: Larry lance in Memories Chapter 14

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  • Doc Quantum
    The Light is certainly shaping up to be a formidable foe! Everyone should note that the Light who appeared in three golden age Starman tales as a recurring foe
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      The Light is certainly shaping up to be a formidable foe!

      Everyone should note that the Light who appeared in three golden age Starman tales as a recurring foe has nothing to do with the alias that Luthor once employed back in the golden age, or that his bald assistant later used in a Superman story in our archives called "The Man Who Stole the Sunlight," by Goose Gansler.

      BTW, carefully check over this chapter and the previous one. I noticed there were some instances when a word like "can" was used when clearly "can't" was meant, and sometimes whole words are missing from sentences. I've seen this in a few of your stories before. Example from below:

      "Unfortunately Defoe [said] he can['t] go into as much detail as the Light wants him to with the false memories."

      (Also, nice nod to Everett E. Hibbard with the Hibbard Street reference!)


      --- In theJSAallstarstorysite@yahoogroups.com, onlydavb <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Chapter 14
      > Times Past
      > Memories
      > Calvin City Tuesday July 6th 1966
      > Al Pratt was finishing barbecuing chicken on his small grill in the backyard of his small ranch house. The Calvin College physics professor had two very hungry guests sitting at a mall picnic table. Charles was saying to Larry "that was an amazing interview with the Thinker Larry. How did you ever guess that he was working for someone else?'
      > "I knew it the minute Al showed men the Thinker's new Thinking Cap" said Larry
      > "I still don't understand"
      > "The entire outside is platinum" said Al as he brought the chicken to the table, "Cost Defoe a lot of money to make that helmet -more money that he had when he skipped parole."
      > "That's right; He had to have worked for somebody to get the money he needed to make the new Thinking Cap. Actually I wasn't certain he was our man until I saw his reaction when I mentioned Bullock" said Larry.
      > "How'd you know the go between the Thinker and the Light was dead? "Asked Al.
      > "I didn't," said "Larry. "It was a calculated gamble. The Light has offed anyone who can tie him to this mess so it stood to reason the guy who arranged their meeting was dead too."
      > There was a sudden rush of wind before a man dressed in a red shirt and boots with blue pants and a silver helmet suddenly appeared in the Pratt backyard. He saw the three men dressed in civilian attire and disappeared in a second rush of wind that didn't end until the man reappeared dressed in casual clothes." Sorry Al, I didn't mean know you folks were out of costume "he said.
      > "It's all right Jay, my neighbors have fences" said Al. "What did you find out at the address I gave you?"
      > "Nothing, 673 Hibbard Avenue is an abandoned building that hasn't had anyone in there in months. There was no power hooked up either there."
      > "Another dead-end" said Charles.
      > "No it's not Charles. I expected to be abandoned. All it means is that I have to go through tedious process of finding who owns the building. It might take me a week or so. I assume the Light will have a bunch of dummy corporations set up but eventually I'll find out who pays the taxes and who paid for the power when it was on."
      > Everyone nodded and Al said "There's beer in the fridge, or lemonade if you prefer. "
      > "Thanks" said Jay "can I get anyone else one?"
      > "I'm all set "said Charles, though both Larry and Al wanted another.
      > "So what did my old foe the Thinker have to tell you guys?" asked Jay as he sat down..
      > Larry said "It was a very interesting conversation. Defoe left Keystone City with his old Thinking Cap and plans for his new model. But he needed a lot of cash to build it. He wanted earn some quick money but he didn't want to fight the Flash again. He talked to man he knew when he needed henchmen and was told that someone was looking to hire him. So he left Keystone and went to Opal."
      > Larry paused to take a sip of his beer. "He met Bullock at the bus depot and Bullock took him to 673 Hibbard Avenue. The light wanted Defoe to cause my Dinah and Ted to have an affair. But Defoe's Thinking Cap could not do that unless some part of them wanted to. "
      > "Like a hypnotist can't make do something totally out of the persons moral makeup" said Charles.
      > "Right" said Larry "That's exactly what Defoe said. So the Light asks him if he can create false memories. To which the Thinker says yes. Unfortunately Defoe he can go into as much detail as the Light wants him to with the false memories. This pisses the Light off. But he asks Defoe if he could at least put the two of them into a deep, deep trance. That Defoe says he can do if he catches them off guard."
      > "I don't understand Larry." Said Charles, "Why do Ted and Dinah have those false memories?"
      > "That was true was the true revelation about my interview with Defoe. After the Light and he haggle over the price for ambushing our friends. The Light asks Defoe to look at a set of blue prints and asks him if there was anything he would do to improve them. Defoe made a few suggestions even while he memorized the specifications of what the Light showed him. The scary part is the plans had the date June 26th 1949 on them. "
      > "What were the blueprints for Larry" asked Jay.
      > "Oh sorry; they were for a mind control device - device as bigger than the basement of a church or hall. It would draw a lot of juice too. The Light was interested in buying the plans of Defoe's Thinking Cap. Defoe obliged him. He now also has the schematics of the Thinkers original Thinking Cap" said Larry.
      > "You can be sure he's improved it too. It might even be better that the Thinker's new model" said Al.
      > "Probably is, the Light's a whole lot smarter than Defoe. He said he never encounter a mind as powerful as his" said Larry. "Anyway the Thinker ambush Dinah and Ted right after Ted Grant left them. He and Bullock put them in the back of a VW van. Bullock handed an envelope of cash to Defoe and drove off leaving Defoe in Federal City. "
      > "You believe him?" asked Jay.
      > "Yeah, he no doubt left some parts of the story out. Parts that made him look worse, but I think essentially told me the truth. He knows the Light wants him dead and needs your protection."
      > "Well then I'll keep him safe until the Light's brought to justice" said Jay.
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